18 Temmuz 2014 Cuma

Who is responsible from this genocide?

Who is responsible from this genocide, committed in the Palestinians territories for over 60 years, only Israel, but also unresponsive international community!

Because Israel knows very well that what it has made against international law, universal law and international humanitarian law would be unpunished.

For this reason, Israel state since the establishment to date every time acts according to its own special rules and laws without taking into account the all international laws and rules.

Managing a false policy diplomatically by accusing Palestinians as terrorist and thus Israel has advanced to achieve its final target step by step. Absolutely, Israel state has not hold an affirmative attitude. It has deep heinous plans.

Meanwhile as always, the United Nations has voiced its regret that Israel has launched a ground offensive. Is this enough to state only sorrow, regret without carrying out any sanction? Of course not! This kind of statement does not fit to an international organization such as the UN.

If the United Nations and international community want to take the necessary action against Israel’s massacre and genocide, they must have taken more serious measures on Israel. However, their attitude reflects a rigged game. Their attitude consists of misleading the global public opinion.  

Until today international community and the United Nations have not criticized Israel in a serious way.

They cannot warn Israel, they cannot bring sanction on Israel. Because Israel state have been given lots of tolerance in this point to date. If they try to bring sanction or similar ones against Israel state, they would not be successful. Israel state is also aware of that.

Their decisions work only for innocent states and innocent communities. To date the world has witnessed this unjust approach and understanding of the International community and the UN. Actually, Israel state highlights this point that whatever it makes would be impunity.

Unfortunately, Israel has not only committed systematic killings of Palestinians up until now; it has also violated and killed international laws, universal law, international humanitarian values!

Not only Israel is responsible from this genocide, but also those who support Israel in its systematic killing of Palestinians.