21 Temmuz 2014 Pazartesi

The UN loses its basic mission



“Indiscriminate firing of rocket by Hamas into Israel,” the UN says…

What can be said to this approach and understanding of the UN?

Which side has been indiscriminately fired through heavy and sophisticated weapons using aircrafts, navy and land forces?

Which side has been destroyed, which side has lost hundreds of its people without discriminate civil and military targets?

Despite Gaza has been mercilessly leveled, Israel is shown innocent side!

Despite hundreds of Palestinians have unjustly lost their lives, Israel is shown as blameless side!

The mass murders are perpetrated by the Israeli army in Gaza, mass-destructions are made in Gaza, mass fleeing is experienced in Gaza, mass-displacements are being experienced in Gaza, lack of basic humanitarian supplies are being needed in Gaza.

Finally, every kind of atrocities is being experienced in Gaza ranging lack of sheltering, food, water, medicine and electricity.

Despite this unacceptable inhumane condition in Gaza, while the UN tries to show Palestinians as guilty, the international community and other international right organizations remains silence and unresponsive.

With this approach and understanding, neither the UN nor the international community can solve any societal and humanitarian problem across the world.

Showing guilty side as innocent, innocent people as guilty does not fit with the basic principles of such an organization which was established to set up peace, to prevent every kind of conflicts.

The thing is expected from the UN and international community is to act impartial in front of these kinds of events, rule of law and human rights.

Otherwise securing the world peace cannot be possible!

Apparently with this structure waiting peaceful and fair approach from the UN seemingly is impossible!

                          Wherever it intervenes, a just and permanent solution has not been made.

When we look at the continuing humanitarian problems in the world gradually increase instead of decrease!

Waiting a solution from an unjust structured organization is a big contradiction.

This structure can bring only unfair solutions.

The UN has not fulfilled its primarily mission.

The UN has turned into an ordinary NGO that acts only as a charity organization.

Of course, the UN must maintain this duty, but this is not its basic and primarily mission.

Its foremost mission must find permanent solution for the communities who suffer continuously from war, conflict and other humanitarian problems.

In other words, the UN has been disabled by the foremost members of the international communities and has lost its main task!