14 Temmuz 2014 Pazartesi

Outpost of imperialists

In Gaza, an utmost humanitarian crisis is being experienced regarding bombardments of Israeli army on Palestinians. Frankly, Palestinians have been exposed to unjust killing.

Israel state continues to deceive the world public opinion by saying they were targeting senior terrorists.

Who are terrorists?

Showing innocent Palestinian people as terrorist; Israel army has been committing carnage, slaughtering and genocide in Palestinian territories for over 60 years.

Even there is no dead Israeli; on the contrary, nearly 200 innocent Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli army. In this case who is terrorist, who is in innocent and unprotected position?       

This means Israel is openly protected and regarded as an outpost of Imperialist world.

Nobody condemns brutality of Israel, if only 1 percent of this brutality was applied by Palestine state, the entire world and the United Nations Security Council would have issued a tough condemnation against Palestinians.

Once again this event has frankly shown that double standard understanding of the international community is being implemented to Islamic countries.

This unjust approach primarily stems from the whole Islamic countries’ silence stance in their own matters.

If economically rich Islamic countries would display a keen stance against this brutality, carnage, massacre and slaughtering of Palestinians, Israel army cannot commit this genocide in front of the entire world.

This offence of Israeli army has shown once again that the foremost international community and permanent members of the Security Council openly protect unacceptable attacks of Israel on Gaza due to not taking deterrent sanction on Israel.

Another crucial point of this approach is that international law; universal rights have been taken under feet. Israel does not recognize any international rule, so every decision that made by itself in line with its own understanding without taking into consideration other nations’ basic rights, without taking into consideration the international human rights law.

Israel state has been making this unlawfulness for over 60 years by violating the basic rights of Palestinians, not only Palestinians but also basic rights of human beings across the world.

If the institutional organizations such as the UN Security Council and other humanitarian organizations do not take any serious step to tackle this humanitarian tragedy, individual professional lawyers and attorneys should mobilize to defense these unprotected, innocent Palestinians from the atrocity of Israel army.


Israel practices its every kind of weapons on the innocent Palestinians, as a live laboratory.         
If an impartial international court is tasked, it absolutely would find Israel state criminal in every aspect! Not only innocent Palestinians but also Israel kills and violate all of international and universal laws and rights.