30 Temmuz 2014 Çarşamba

No democracy, no peace


This is the main principle of imperialist mentality!
Unless this inhumane mentality changes, many of the Islamic countries which currently try to establish a democratic regime, cannot find democracy and peace!
The western mentality and ideology know this reality very well. Beyond this, they try to keep this inhumane mentality in a sustainable way on their agenda.
They defend democracy, human rights and rule of law for only themselves, but not for the entire world peoples.
This is the mentality that does not want democracy in the Middle Eastern countries.
As known, Egypt had gained democracy first time in the democracy history, but imperialist mentality has set up the headquarters in Egypt following first free election to depose the first democratically elected president.
The international media after election of Morsi with help of a few provocateurs in Egypt continuously aired interviews and news against Morsi.
At the end, this imperialist power has reached its heinous aim.
Because, they are not real democracy and human rights defenders. So, their real face has appeared once again that they remain at the side of antidemocratic regimes.  
Pretendedly, they take place at the side of democracy, but they do not help Arab Spring which is a democratization action launched in 2011. Since the begging of Arab Spring which has turned into Arab Winter due to the stance of imperialist masses; democracy, peace, rule of law and human rights could not have been set up in those countries.
So, wish of democracy in those countries which have attempted to establish a democratic regime, democratic freedom in their own countries, the foremost imperialists countries have not openly helped politically, diplomatically.
Therefore, hundreds of thousands of innocent people have lost their lives during the Arab Spring since 2011 to date, in Egypt, in Libya, in Iraq and Syria.
The imperialist mentality has taken place at the side of tyrants, so they have proved that they are not sincere in their democracy and human rights understanding.
Human rights abuses are being experienced in Iraq, Palestine, Egypt, Libya and Syria for years, but any member of the foremost international community and human rights organization does not attitude seriously and sincerely to solve this inhumane condition!
They condemn the events falsely in front of the global public opinion, but current situation in those countries would make them float on air; what a bitter situation on behalf of human beings.
This mentality must examine the history, in the past centuries what was made to bring peace and tranquility for those who had been exposed to that kind of unwanted condition; if they want to learn humanitarian lesson they must look at that ages.
Regrettable, their false democracy understanding has been registered in the pages of history once again in the face of the entire world!

25 Temmuz 2014 Cuma

Israel says a single guilty is Palestinians

Israel is not satisfied by saying this fake, also tries to makes the entire world believe its counterfeits. The state of Israel has built its foreign policy on lie and counterfeit. Otherwise it cannot be able to realize its deep dream. Seemingly the aim of Israel is not to leave any Palestinian to live!

Until what time, when it realizes its deep dream it will begin to fabricate another lies. In this case the entire world should know that the state of Israel’s ambition would not finish…



This is humanitarian understanding of Israel, as well as those who support the state of Israel in the international arena.

In its remarks, Israel looks for peace, by killing of hundreds of Palestinians!

Israel looks for peace by devastating hundreds of Palestinians home over their heads!

Israel looks for peace by displacing thousands of Palestinians from their own territories!

Israel looks for peace by dropping hundreds tons of bombs over innocent, defenseless Palestinians!

Israel looks for peace by constructing thousands of buildings on the Palestinians’ own territories by exiling thousands of defenseless and innocent Palestinians from their own homes.

Israel looks for peace by preventing all kinds of humanitarian actions of Palestinian people!

Israel looks for peace by violating all basic humanitarian rights of the Palestinian people for over 6 decades!

Israel looks for peace by confessing “The only good Arab is a dead Arab”! Israel looks for peace by bullying in the Palestinian territories!

Israel looks for peace by perpetrating genocide for over 6 decades in Palestine!

Israel looks for peace by turning Palestinian territories into a concentration camp!

Israel looks for peace by demolishing all basic infrastructures such as electricity grid, hospitals and water infrastructures!

When we look at the events experienced in Palestinian territories since the beginning to date, the party that has lost its millions of people is Palestinian, the party that has been subjected to lose its territories and lives are Palestinians.

The party that has been exposed to blockage for over 6 decades is Palestinian people who have been deprived of all the basic human rights. This is what kind of peace and conciliation understanding?




23 Temmuz 2014 Çarşamba

Go ahead: The message to Israel


Israel has not been subjected to any sanction since the beginning to date regarding its genocide for decades in Palestine.

Having awareness of this nonstop illegal tolerance, the state of Israel will maintain its offenses without hesitating.

Israel knows it will not face any legal sanction even violating all of international laws, human rights...

Truce can be settled, weapons can be silenced, but Israel’s deep plans on Palestine will not stop. This is the planned genocide tactic of Israel.

All of these show that the state of Israel is advancing on its way to realize its secret plan.

If this process is inspected from the beginning onward, the state of Israel has been unlawfully protected by violating all of international organizations’ rules.

Regarding these internationally unlawful events, it is said that  international law has been put into coffin. This means international law is not operable.  

In his speech in Egypt, Mr. Kerry; “the US was concerned about Palestinian casualties, but lent his support to Israel's "appropriate and legitimate" military operation.” But why not to Palestinian people who have lost over 600 people and their hundreds of homes destroyed and leveled by the Israeli airstrikes and ground offensive?

As for Mr. Ban, “The United Nations position is clear: We condemn strongly the rocket attacks. These must stop immediately.”

“No country would accept rockets raining down on its territory – and all countries and parties have an international obligation to protect civilians,” he added.

Mr. Ban should also say, “The United Nations position is clear, we condemn strongly airstrikes on Palestinian territories no country, no conscience and no human being would accept raining down bombs on its territories.”

Because, neither the UN, nor the international community openly condemn the genocide perpetrators in Palestinian for over 6 decades.

Seemingly with this approach and understanding, peace and compromise would not come to Palestinian territories unless this single sided approach of the UN and international community change.

The message given to Israel means, “go ahead”, in other words you continue your carnage, continue your occupation in the Palestinian territories.


21 Temmuz 2014 Pazartesi

The UN loses its basic mission



“Indiscriminate firing of rocket by Hamas into Israel,” the UN says…

What can be said to this approach and understanding of the UN?

Which side has been indiscriminately fired through heavy and sophisticated weapons using aircrafts, navy and land forces?

Which side has been destroyed, which side has lost hundreds of its people without discriminate civil and military targets?

Despite Gaza has been mercilessly leveled, Israel is shown innocent side!

Despite hundreds of Palestinians have unjustly lost their lives, Israel is shown as blameless side!

The mass murders are perpetrated by the Israeli army in Gaza, mass-destructions are made in Gaza, mass fleeing is experienced in Gaza, mass-displacements are being experienced in Gaza, lack of basic humanitarian supplies are being needed in Gaza.

Finally, every kind of atrocities is being experienced in Gaza ranging lack of sheltering, food, water, medicine and electricity.

Despite this unacceptable inhumane condition in Gaza, while the UN tries to show Palestinians as guilty, the international community and other international right organizations remains silence and unresponsive.

With this approach and understanding, neither the UN nor the international community can solve any societal and humanitarian problem across the world.

Showing guilty side as innocent, innocent people as guilty does not fit with the basic principles of such an organization which was established to set up peace, to prevent every kind of conflicts.

The thing is expected from the UN and international community is to act impartial in front of these kinds of events, rule of law and human rights.

Otherwise securing the world peace cannot be possible!

Apparently with this structure waiting peaceful and fair approach from the UN seemingly is impossible!

                          Wherever it intervenes, a just and permanent solution has not been made.

When we look at the continuing humanitarian problems in the world gradually increase instead of decrease!

Waiting a solution from an unjust structured organization is a big contradiction.

This structure can bring only unfair solutions.

The UN has not fulfilled its primarily mission.

The UN has turned into an ordinary NGO that acts only as a charity organization.

Of course, the UN must maintain this duty, but this is not its basic and primarily mission.

Its foremost mission must find permanent solution for the communities who suffer continuously from war, conflict and other humanitarian problems.

In other words, the UN has been disabled by the foremost members of the international communities and has lost its main task!

19 Temmuz 2014 Cumartesi

Unprecedented deception!



US President Barack Obama had backed Israel’s right to self-defense, according to bbc internet page.

What is definition of self-defense?

Shortly, protecting someone or something against aggressor, offensive; defending oneself, one’s property or well-being from aggressor!

Another definition for self –defense; “the use of reasonable force to protect oneself or members of the family from bodily harm from the attack of an aggressor.”  

In Palestine case, who is aggressor, who is attacker?

Since the unjust conflict began to date, who lost most of the territories?

Who lost majority of its people?

Whose homes have been destroyed over their heads?

Who has been forced to leave their own territories?

Whose children remain without father and mother?

Who lost their children?   

Whose basic humanitarian rights were grasped?

Who has been forced to leave their own properties, fields, gardens, business places?

Which community has been under every kind of pressure since the invading of Israel?

All of these human being and territory violations have been mercilessly implemented by the state of Israel onto Palestinian for over 60 years.

These violations of basic human rights have been made by the state of Israel to the Palestinians at their own territories, at their homes.

However, in front of all of these basic violations that carried out on the Palestinians for over 60 years, the entire international community has maintained their attitude by taking place at unjust side.

Both the UN and international community persistently have not wanted to see every kind of violations of human rights applied on the Palestinians.

All of these pitiless implementations on Palestinians are recorded in the history archive!

Whoever wants can check to see who has been subjected to homicide and all of unjust treatments?

Now, we must ask the UN and international community on behalf of humanity, in the face of the entire casualties of Palestinians, who has use of right of self-defense, who must receive compensation?

Having been subjected to every kind of losses and violations for over 60 years, who must be protected, those who are attacking with all of the sophisticated arms on Palestinians or those who have not any weapon to protect themselves against heavy armed attackers?   

In conclusion, right to self-defense primarily must belong to the Palestinian people, because they have lost every kind of belongings ranging lives to territories.  These losses must be repaid to Palestinians.

18 Temmuz 2014 Cuma

Who is responsible from this genocide?

Who is responsible from this genocide, committed in the Palestinians territories for over 60 years, only Israel, but also unresponsive international community!

Because Israel knows very well that what it has made against international law, universal law and international humanitarian law would be unpunished.

For this reason, Israel state since the establishment to date every time acts according to its own special rules and laws without taking into account the all international laws and rules.

Managing a false policy diplomatically by accusing Palestinians as terrorist and thus Israel has advanced to achieve its final target step by step. Absolutely, Israel state has not hold an affirmative attitude. It has deep heinous plans.

Meanwhile as always, the United Nations has voiced its regret that Israel has launched a ground offensive. Is this enough to state only sorrow, regret without carrying out any sanction? Of course not! This kind of statement does not fit to an international organization such as the UN.

If the United Nations and international community want to take the necessary action against Israel’s massacre and genocide, they must have taken more serious measures on Israel. However, their attitude reflects a rigged game. Their attitude consists of misleading the global public opinion.  

Until today international community and the United Nations have not criticized Israel in a serious way.

They cannot warn Israel, they cannot bring sanction on Israel. Because Israel state have been given lots of tolerance in this point to date. If they try to bring sanction or similar ones against Israel state, they would not be successful. Israel state is also aware of that.

Their decisions work only for innocent states and innocent communities. To date the world has witnessed this unjust approach and understanding of the International community and the UN. Actually, Israel state highlights this point that whatever it makes would be impunity.

Unfortunately, Israel has not only committed systematic killings of Palestinians up until now; it has also violated and killed international laws, universal law, international humanitarian values!

Not only Israel is responsible from this genocide, but also those who support Israel in its systematic killing of Palestinians.

17 Temmuz 2014 Perşembe

Where is mission of the UN

One of the basic missions of the UN is to save all of the nations from scourge of wars across the world.

Currently, there are many nations wait for security. As if the UN only thinks security for a few nations. This opinion is not a healthily and reasonable thought. Remedies and solutions must be found and put into implementations for all who wait for security.

When we take into account the Middle East and North Africa in MENA region, the countries suffer from lack of every kind of security such as life, shelter, nutrition, treatment and medicine.

But whenever security is in question in those or similar countries, neither the UN nor international community take up the issue inclusively.

This understanding does not associate with the understanding of justice and humanity. This approach is also opposite to the universal human values. Why international community, the UN and other related organizations do not remember other innocent nations’ security? Defending security involves a holistic approach!

In Syria a humanitarian tragedy has being experienced for four years. In Iraq over 10 years Iraqi people have been suffering from bombing, blasting, every kind of inhumane event. Where are security advocators, why they do not address this humanitarian issue, why they do not tackle these everlasting basic humanitarian problems in Iraq, Syria, Palestinian, Myanmar and in other places?

Palestinian people have also been suffering from lack of every kind of human rights over 60 years. Someone has declared these defenseless people in their own territories as terrorist. Because there is no other way to accuse these innocent people other than terrorist. When the Palestinians are recognized as terrorist then opposite side can be able to find way for the heinous aims such as occupying, killing, destroying.

Imperialist side has found an easy way to justify themselves and accuse innocent people unjustly. In Egypt, army deposed democratically elected president in a scandalous way in order to kill public will. Then thousands of opposition people in Egypt were attacked by the snipers. Where were the UN and international community and humanitarian organizations? Why they did not defend these defenseless people, why these organizations did defense security of these people?

So then there is no serious approach to solve security problems completely. Seemingly whenever these organizations desire, at that time they remember human-beings security. With this approach and understanding, neither the UN Security Council nor international community can establish the inclusive security.

Apparently the UN cannot be able to fulfill its basic mission, because of the mission of the UN has not been working.

For this reason, a swift and a just structural reform is urgently needed in the UN to settle peace across the world.

14 Temmuz 2014 Pazartesi

Outpost of imperialists

In Gaza, an utmost humanitarian crisis is being experienced regarding bombardments of Israeli army on Palestinians. Frankly, Palestinians have been exposed to unjust killing.

Israel state continues to deceive the world public opinion by saying they were targeting senior terrorists.

Who are terrorists?

Showing innocent Palestinian people as terrorist; Israel army has been committing carnage, slaughtering and genocide in Palestinian territories for over 60 years.

Even there is no dead Israeli; on the contrary, nearly 200 innocent Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli army. In this case who is terrorist, who is in innocent and unprotected position?       

This means Israel is openly protected and regarded as an outpost of Imperialist world.

Nobody condemns brutality of Israel, if only 1 percent of this brutality was applied by Palestine state, the entire world and the United Nations Security Council would have issued a tough condemnation against Palestinians.

Once again this event has frankly shown that double standard understanding of the international community is being implemented to Islamic countries.

This unjust approach primarily stems from the whole Islamic countries’ silence stance in their own matters.

If economically rich Islamic countries would display a keen stance against this brutality, carnage, massacre and slaughtering of Palestinians, Israel army cannot commit this genocide in front of the entire world.

This offence of Israeli army has shown once again that the foremost international community and permanent members of the Security Council openly protect unacceptable attacks of Israel on Gaza due to not taking deterrent sanction on Israel.

Another crucial point of this approach is that international law; universal rights have been taken under feet. Israel does not recognize any international rule, so every decision that made by itself in line with its own understanding without taking into consideration other nations’ basic rights, without taking into consideration the international human rights law.

Israel state has been making this unlawfulness for over 60 years by violating the basic rights of Palestinians, not only Palestinians but also basic rights of human beings across the world.

If the institutional organizations such as the UN Security Council and other humanitarian organizations do not take any serious step to tackle this humanitarian tragedy, individual professional lawyers and attorneys should mobilize to defense these unprotected, innocent Palestinians from the atrocity of Israel army.


Israel practices its every kind of weapons on the innocent Palestinians, as a live laboratory.         
If an impartial international court is tasked, it absolutely would find Israel state criminal in every aspect! Not only innocent Palestinians but also Israel kills and violate all of international and universal laws and rights.

13 Temmuz 2014 Pazar

Who is real terrorist?


Where is the Security Council?

Where is the United Nations?

Where is International community?

Where is International Criminal Court?

Where are all of so called humanitarian organizations?

Is this your humanitarian understanding?

Is this your peace and human rights understanding?

Who is terrorist?

Who carries out terrorism on Gaza and Palestinians, Israel or Hamas?
Who are killing, Palestinians or Jewish?

This is what kind of contradiction, falsity?

Why the enter world cannot want to see this distorted claim?

Israel commits homicide in Gaza.

Look this, only 17 members of a family lost their lives in airstrikes of Israel on Gaza!

Why all of these organizations have been set up?

What are their basic aims, watching massacres or preventing these brutality and butchers?

How can international community and other humanitarian organization explain this unprecedented carnage committed by Israel army in Gaza?

 All of these organizations have lost their confidence, reliability in front of human-beings.

This attitude of these organizations is the net evidence that shows they have been collapsed.

As for the attitude of the Arabic countries and Arabic organizations cannot be announced; what a pity, what a shame!

This massacre, brutality, atrocities, barbarism and terrorist attacks of Israeli army must be condemned at the United Nations.

Who is real terrorist must be promulgated to the entire world!

Making pretext its own security, Israel commits real terrorism on Gaza and Palestinians without hesitating, without taking into consideration international human rights, universal rules.
It is understood that this massacre primarily stems from the Arabic world, and then the entire world's silent in front of this humanitarian tragedy!  

12 Temmuz 2014 Cumartesi

Disproportionate use of force on Gaza

Israel arm continues massacres on Gaza defiantly, because unacceptable tolerance of the international community and the UN.

These heinous and unprecedented massacres, unlawful and intolerable operation on Gaza has been under bombardment for days.

While Gaza is been destroyed, Palestinians are been killed via heavy bombardments without discriminating child, woman, civilian; seemingly the rightful side, crying, victim side is Israel where no casualties have been reported. Nobody takes place at the side of innocent people in Gaza.

Why? Because the entire international community remains silent, remains unresponsive to this inhumane operation! If a serious, noteworthy reaction and condemnation are declared, any state cannot dare such kind of disproportionate use of force!   

All humanitarian rights have been violated in the Palestinian territories. Israel has been preventing every kind of rights of Palestinians on their own territories such as freedom of worship, freedom of trade, freedom of doing their own business for many years. Implementing these inhumane operations Israel violates all universal laws too!

Despite these universal rights, Israel state carries out illegal sanctions on Palestinians. Nobody takes into consideration these basic humanitarian rights of Palestinians rather than complaints of Israel.

The last attack of Israeli arm is the clearest evidence of violations of Palestinians on their own territories.

Because, primarily the UN, international community and then other related lawful and humanitarian organizations do not want to see the reality in Palestine.

Since the beginning, the tactic of Israel state is occupying Palestine territories and killing of Palestinians by accusing and disseminating Palestinians as terrorist.

Because Israel state has not seen any international sanction by the United Nations Security Council, any serious condemnation from the UN and international community.

Due to Israel state has awareness of this; it continues to advance  towards its final goal by misleading the international public opinion.

Furthermore by saying without hesitating, “Good Arab is dead Arab”.

Israeli army has collapsed and destroyed many buildings in Gaza and left over 100 people dead. Israel continuously claims its citizens’ security.

Israel has been frankly implementing extrajudicial killings and systematic killings in Gaza. The Palestinian people have been subjected to slavery process for years, despite lots of humanitarian organizations existence.
Finally Israel sustains disproportionate use of force on Gaza as well as extrajudicial killings.

10 Temmuz 2014 Perşembe

Israel continues firing, destroying, killing

Until today, Israel has increasingly occupied Palestinians territories by using terrorist argument in the best way. How can a community deemed as terrorist as defending their own territories, is there an example of this oddity understanding?

How can a community - who does not have the state-of-the-art technological weapons - resist against sophisticated weapons?

Disseminating the terrorist argument across the world, Palestinian people have been left deprived of the right of self-defense.

In order to justify itself, Israel has violated a crucial international rule by disseminating a false propaganda across the world.

By Accusing Palestinians with the label of ‘terror and terrorism’, Israel would commit a humanitarian crime. Because of defending the territories is a basic right of a country or nation. Every nation has self-defense right. But international community, the UN and other humanitarian organizations did not want to see this reality.

Also Palestinians could not be able to explain this tricky game in the international arena as well as lack of diplomatic defense art.

Whenever Israel plans a attack on Palestinian territories, it bring this tricky claim on the agenda. If the Palestinian drama is addressed by an impartial inspection team in terms of rule of law, human rights; lots of humanitarian crimes would be revealed.

Manipulating terrorist label, Israel state has prevented the right of self-defense of Palestinians. Using this claim and attacking with the advanced weapons on Palestine Israel state has caused unjustly death of million people in Palestine. Adopting this huge lie as a justification, the international community, Security Council of the United Nations also would be responsible from the death of millions of Palestinians. So, international law has been violated for years. Advocators of this humanitarian topic do not comment anything!

In every airstrike those who died are Palestinians, those of whom homes have been leveled, destroyed are Palestinian people. In this case who is terrorist, who is innocent? The meaning of this approach is innocent people is evaluated terrorist, as for terrorist as innocent! In other words those who carry out massacre are deemed innocent, innocent people are deemed as terrorist! Without bringing clear explanation to these concepts, a lasting solution would not be reached! As Israel continues firing, destruction and killing, it does not quit accusing Palestinians as terroris!

9 Temmuz 2014 Çarşamba

Misleading tactics

Palestinians have entered into victim process since the foundation of Israel state.

Since that date Palestinians have been exposed to lose every kind of belongings. In order to comprehend this reality, the history is a very reliable document, whoever wants can examine…

Palestinians continue to lose their citizens for over 60 years. In this process they have been exiled from their own territories.

Their basic rights such as living, working and personal or institutional advancement have been grasped.

The reason of the current airstrikes of Israel stem from the unification decision of Palestinians which was the nonsense process.

Pretending killing of three Israelis which is a mystery must be also illuminated; seemingly the final aim of Israel state is to invade Gaza completely.

Israel has been accusing Palestinians as terrorist and frankly does not want Palestinians have even small stick in their hands. Israel does not accept any resistance from Palestinians to defense themselves and expectation of Israel state is to deliver whatever they possess to Israel state without using its self-defense and self-determination rights.

The importance of these basic concepts confirmed by the international law.

Israel state openly violates the importance of these concepts. Ignoring these concepts Israel state accuses Palestinians as terrorists. Israel urges this wrong argument would be accepted by the entire world in order to achieve its heinous goal in Palestinian territories and beyond.

Ousting international laws and other basic human rights, Israel only regards its own advantages. This understanding only belongs to Israel state by making decision through its own rules without taking into account all of the international laws and rules and then violates basic human rights of other peoples and nations.

Through the airstrikes, Israel is leveling Palestinians homes since long years, despite this violence and brutality, Israel is regarded innocent, blameless and Palestinians are regarded as terrorist, criminal. The international community that is expected being respectful to the human rights and rule of law should see this disproportionate picture; who is terrorist, who is defenseless?

8 Temmuz 2014 Salı

No one can say anything because of Israel

Israel continues air strikes on Gaza in a sustainable way; seemingly this action has become a habit for Israel.

It has become a reflexive action whenever it remembers Gaza, as a reflexive action. It launches weapons on Palestinians whenever it wants.

It is understood that Israel will be sustaining this disproportionate use of power until no one exists in Palestine. Obviously this shows that it does not recognize any basic right for the Palestinian people.   

However, any international organization in this issue does not ask, “Why you make this unjust action?”

This approach remembers that primarily the UN and then international community do not respect for the rights to Palestinian people!

This unjust approach also shows that they do not deserve Palestinians to use their self-defense right.

When Palestinians defense themselves, they are accused as militant or terrorist?

Openly and unjustly international community, international laws and international justice, shortly how many organizations which defense the human rights do not say anything seriously and do not condemn and do not address this humanitarian issue sincerely to bring lasting solution.

This means that Palestinians have been excluded from all the international laws?

This is what kind of humanitarian understanding, what kind of humanitarian approach?

Through this approach how international peace can be set up across the world?

During long process, Palestinians have lost the most of their own territories, despite this still they are accused, they are charged as terrorist.

What is the lawful way for them to defense themselves?

Either the UN or other international bodies in this issue must find a lawful defense way for Palestinians!

It has been for long years that Palestinians’ territories have been invaded.

Palestinians have been forced to leave their own territories.

As for those, who remain in their own country have been continuously under danger of Israeli siege and also exposed to the air strikes without discriminating whether child, women or elder.

With this understanding of the international community, the UN and international right organizations cannot bring solution to the international problems.

Opposite side has the state-of-the art technological weapons and whenever they want they launch air strikes on Palestinians. As for Palestinians, neither they have advanced technological arms nor regular troops, but unfortunately they are accused as terrorists.