25 Temmuz 2014 Cuma

Israel says a single guilty is Palestinians

Israel is not satisfied by saying this fake, also tries to makes the entire world believe its counterfeits. The state of Israel has built its foreign policy on lie and counterfeit. Otherwise it cannot be able to realize its deep dream. Seemingly the aim of Israel is not to leave any Palestinian to live!

Until what time, when it realizes its deep dream it will begin to fabricate another lies. In this case the entire world should know that the state of Israel’s ambition would not finish…



This is humanitarian understanding of Israel, as well as those who support the state of Israel in the international arena.

In its remarks, Israel looks for peace, by killing of hundreds of Palestinians!

Israel looks for peace by devastating hundreds of Palestinians home over their heads!

Israel looks for peace by displacing thousands of Palestinians from their own territories!

Israel looks for peace by dropping hundreds tons of bombs over innocent, defenseless Palestinians!

Israel looks for peace by constructing thousands of buildings on the Palestinians’ own territories by exiling thousands of defenseless and innocent Palestinians from their own homes.

Israel looks for peace by preventing all kinds of humanitarian actions of Palestinian people!

Israel looks for peace by violating all basic humanitarian rights of the Palestinian people for over 6 decades!

Israel looks for peace by confessing “The only good Arab is a dead Arab”! Israel looks for peace by bullying in the Palestinian territories!

Israel looks for peace by perpetrating genocide for over 6 decades in Palestine!

Israel looks for peace by turning Palestinian territories into a concentration camp!

Israel looks for peace by demolishing all basic infrastructures such as electricity grid, hospitals and water infrastructures!

When we look at the events experienced in Palestinian territories since the beginning to date, the party that has lost its millions of people is Palestinian, the party that has been subjected to lose its territories and lives are Palestinians.

The party that has been exposed to blockage for over 6 decades is Palestinian people who have been deprived of all the basic human rights. This is what kind of peace and conciliation understanding?