9 Temmuz 2014 Çarşamba

Misleading tactics

Palestinians have entered into victim process since the foundation of Israel state.

Since that date Palestinians have been exposed to lose every kind of belongings. In order to comprehend this reality, the history is a very reliable document, whoever wants can examine…

Palestinians continue to lose their citizens for over 60 years. In this process they have been exiled from their own territories.

Their basic rights such as living, working and personal or institutional advancement have been grasped.

The reason of the current airstrikes of Israel stem from the unification decision of Palestinians which was the nonsense process.

Pretending killing of three Israelis which is a mystery must be also illuminated; seemingly the final aim of Israel state is to invade Gaza completely.

Israel has been accusing Palestinians as terrorist and frankly does not want Palestinians have even small stick in their hands. Israel does not accept any resistance from Palestinians to defense themselves and expectation of Israel state is to deliver whatever they possess to Israel state without using its self-defense and self-determination rights.

The importance of these basic concepts confirmed by the international law.

Israel state openly violates the importance of these concepts. Ignoring these concepts Israel state accuses Palestinians as terrorists. Israel urges this wrong argument would be accepted by the entire world in order to achieve its heinous goal in Palestinian territories and beyond.

Ousting international laws and other basic human rights, Israel only regards its own advantages. This understanding only belongs to Israel state by making decision through its own rules without taking into account all of the international laws and rules and then violates basic human rights of other peoples and nations.

Through the airstrikes, Israel is leveling Palestinians homes since long years, despite this violence and brutality, Israel is regarded innocent, blameless and Palestinians are regarded as terrorist, criminal. The international community that is expected being respectful to the human rights and rule of law should see this disproportionate picture; who is terrorist, who is defenseless?