9 Ekim 2014 Perşembe

Solution in Turkey’s suggestions

The international allied forces must accept some realities. Firstly, accepting IS terrorist organization is not jihadist.

Having named insurgents as jihadist would be a big betraying to this word's content. Those do not know real meaning of this word must learn.

Jihadist is attributed to a Muslim who does not commit any ill-intended action, does not attempt to conflict, does not lead to any uprising, any terrorist action and organization. What we see that IS terror organization has been committing; there is no relation with the basic rules of Islamic religion. The entire world, international community and all of the organizations which link to humanitarian values must know that what IS makes since its establishment to date there is no relation with the Islamic and humanitarian rules.

Having identified its name with Islam is a big fake, illusion, deception.

The international community, either knows or not, must separate jihadist and terrorist from each other.

Those who fire, destroy, kill the innocent people cannot be jihadist. This vital issue has to be corrected by Muslim countries with a joint declaration. Another one of the foremost important topics is that international community and allied forces are not sincere in fighting terrorism and IS. If these forces desire to terminate all of terrorist organization must consider Turkey’s suggestions. Whereas the allied forces aim to fight against IS terrorist organization, they must take up the issue holistically, otherwise success is very far away and impossible.

Why they do not take into consideration Turkey’s proposals which include a buffer zone. This proposal is very humanitarian, very peaceful and reasonable, at that time many innocent Syrian people including children, women and many defenseless ones will be in safe haven.

Why they do not accept “no flight zone”, why they do not accept Syrian tyranny leaders to be judged at the International Criminal Court. In the face of these clear realities that must be fulfilled in order to terminate humanitarian crisis in both Syria and other places these logical suggestions must be considered.

At that time international community, the UN and allied forces would win confidence.

In recent days, a few looters, who are unable to see the realities, hold demonstrations in some of the cities in Turkey by firing, destroying the goods of the public and private sector.


Because their target is not protest IS terrorism, their objective is to help to IS terror organization, meanwhile supporting imperialists.
Finally, it must be known that IS not a jihadist organization, a biggest international terror organization, it is a sister of Al Qaeda, a sister of Taliban, a sister of any other terror organization. A single aim of all terror organizations is to work, to serve on behalf of imperialist powers, not innocent people!...   

8 Ekim 2014 Çarşamba

But the map remains lack

All of western forces seem in favor of Kurdish people. Is this interest genuine?

According to a map of Reuters which includes almost entire territories of Turkey, north Iraq, some part of Syria and some part of Iran belong to the Kurdish population with whom Turkish people have been living together for 1000 years. There is no separation, distinction, there are lots of togetherness as well.

But there is an important lack in the map. Today there are many Kurdish people also live in the European countries. Those, who have designed the map, must renew that map again.

According to this mentality, this map has no validity unless the map is extended up to the territories including entire Europe. Kurdish people have been living in Europe for a half of century. Excluding European territories would be injustice. Otherwise their affection and interest would remain lack!

Meanwhile, this new map drawer ignores millions of Turkish people existence!...

This is a famous Megalo-Idea of someone; we know this idea for centuries.

We understand very well that why the western countries protect this century’s tyrant who has caused over two thousands of innocent Syrian people by using incredible methods, despite those barbaric methods have been determined by the UN as crime according to the international law.

These protections for such a despot is not futile, this protection does not stem from the sympathy to the tyranny Assad, and we also know he is a puppet of imperialists.

When his time ends, his rob will be pulled. We know these nasty plans from the previous examples. We know why the IS terror organization has been formed, we know the IS has been formed for what purpose! We know all of heinous and nasty plans on Turkey.

But there is a crucial unknown thing by those who prepared these disgusting plans, is that Turkish people know to bloc with its all ethnic groups when it is necessary.

Because we know that these territories belong to all of us. Because we know, if necessary to repeat “Dardanelle straits are not passed”, all of people who in these territories from east to west from north to south are in consciousness and awareness of independency, except a few looters!       

7 Ekim 2014 Salı

Why Assad is protected?


The International Criminal Court in The Hague is set to hold hearings to judge Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta. He is facing charges of crimes against humanity in connection with violence that followed the 2007 elections regarding more than 1,000 Kenyans were killed. He is also accused of organizing an ethnic gang to attack rival groups. The basic reason of hearing is humanitarian crime committed by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The same hearing must be held for Syrian Assad who has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people not only 1000.

The Syrian people are trying to obtain their basic human rights for four years. Why international community, the UNSC remain silent to the barbarism, genocide in Syria. Why they do not make a decision to judge Syrian Assad in the International Criminal Court.

Why they do not implement rule of law in every case? This is what kind of law understanding?

Despite being very late, the related international organizations must make decision for this unjust situation without losing any time from now on. If they want to show their loyalty to the rule of law, international human rights, they should claim these humanitarian values by making the necessary decision.  

The great reason of the humanitarian crisis that has been experienced for four years in Syria is the international community and the UNSC. Because of these twin has also not used the lawful solution ways. As a member of NATO, Turkey’s constructive proposals did not find enough approval in the side of the UNSC and international community. This humanitarian crisis in Turkey’s 900 kilometers border country has grown steadily since the beginning. This insensitive stance of the international side has caused a lot of terror organizations to emerge in the region.

Conditions in Kobane nearby Syria-Turkey border shows that the coalition forces have not been affective in fighting against IS.  This operation of the coalition forces does not give confidence. The US-led coalition forces were neither successful in Iraq in 2003, nor in Afghanistan. Their failure highlights a remarkable point that the US-led coalition forces would not bring a solution. 

Believing this is very difficult. Within this conjuncture, joining the coalition forces will not be beneficial; on the contrary it seems that would lead to a new chaos.

Basic condition must be hearing of Assad in the International Criminal Court immediately, otherwise international law will lose its eminent, its entity, its reliability…   

International campaign against terror

Terror organizations scourge some of the world. Those who ignore the disease of this century will repent, due to not considering this sneak plague since the beginning.

When we take a look at the world, mostly lots of Islamic countries have encountered with this sneak organization, despite Islamic religion rejects every kind of terror, every kind of barbarism.

Because of Islamic religion is absolutely against every sort of violence and terror, this is a basic principle and Islam a peaceful religion.

Although a lot of leaders of foremost Islamic countries express this bitter contradiction, some of imperialist mentality struggles to show Islamic religion side by side with terror.   

We also believe that most of participants in terror organization on behalf of Islam do not know basic principle of Islamic religion as well as killing, victimization and terrorist actions are a big sin.

In this case, all of Muslim countries must start a promotion campaign by using today’s every kind of communication technologies that Islam cannot be held together with terrorist organizations and activities.

As long as some keep their silence these organizations would multiply like mushroom in the Islamic countries. Without being late this promotion campaign should be internationally and jointly started with a coverage featuring in a realistic and convincing way. Rich Islamic countries can finance this promotion campaign.

Especially, since 9/11 attacks in the US, Islamic religion and Muslims have been shown as supporter of terrorist activities; Islamic countries and Muslims have been with accusations of terror in an unjust way.

Can we believe these huge terrorist organizations are happening accidently, without getting every sort of necessary logistics?

Another drastic thing, why these happenings have not been in any other country except Islamic country?

Currently there is ISIS which has appeared to set up an Islamic State. This terror organization is steadily getting wild in recent months. On one side, while it has promulgated itself as an Islamic State, on the other side there is no relation between Islamic rules and these terrorist organizations’ actions. How an Islamic state kills innocent people without any concrete crime judgment? How somebody, who says it is an Islam, destroys mosques and tombs? Mosques and tombs are holy praying and visiting places.

If a serious investigation is conducted, any of the members of this terror organization cannot know the basic principle of the Islamic religion. In this case, openly, frankly it is seen that the aim of this organization is to serve to imperialist mentality.

All of the terror organizations which have been established under the Islamic religion name across the world have been actually serving to imperialist side, harm Islam and Muslim countries. One of the most radical examples to this claim is Afghanistan. Afghanistan has been fighting together with the coalition forces against Taliban for years, but there is nothing change, on the contrary Afghanistan has lost many things both as material and spiritually. Even there is no light to terminate terror in Afghanistan.

Following approval of the motion to join the international coalition, Turkey must be sure that the other members of the coalition forces that would not make any error, any compromising and intrigue while fighting with the ISIS.

We know these coalition forces from Iraq, from Afghanistan that they have killed many innocent people. We also know that the coalition forces have not achieved in its mission to date, on the contrary it left very deep wounds where it have been.