7 Ekim 2014 Salı

Why Assad is protected?


The International Criminal Court in The Hague is set to hold hearings to judge Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta. He is facing charges of crimes against humanity in connection with violence that followed the 2007 elections regarding more than 1,000 Kenyans were killed. He is also accused of organizing an ethnic gang to attack rival groups. The basic reason of hearing is humanitarian crime committed by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The same hearing must be held for Syrian Assad who has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people not only 1000.

The Syrian people are trying to obtain their basic human rights for four years. Why international community, the UNSC remain silent to the barbarism, genocide in Syria. Why they do not make a decision to judge Syrian Assad in the International Criminal Court.

Why they do not implement rule of law in every case? This is what kind of law understanding?

Despite being very late, the related international organizations must make decision for this unjust situation without losing any time from now on. If they want to show their loyalty to the rule of law, international human rights, they should claim these humanitarian values by making the necessary decision.  

The great reason of the humanitarian crisis that has been experienced for four years in Syria is the international community and the UNSC. Because of these twin has also not used the lawful solution ways. As a member of NATO, Turkey’s constructive proposals did not find enough approval in the side of the UNSC and international community. This humanitarian crisis in Turkey’s 900 kilometers border country has grown steadily since the beginning. This insensitive stance of the international side has caused a lot of terror organizations to emerge in the region.

Conditions in Kobane nearby Syria-Turkey border shows that the coalition forces have not been affective in fighting against IS.  This operation of the coalition forces does not give confidence. The US-led coalition forces were neither successful in Iraq in 2003, nor in Afghanistan. Their failure highlights a remarkable point that the US-led coalition forces would not bring a solution. 

Believing this is very difficult. Within this conjuncture, joining the coalition forces will not be beneficial; on the contrary it seems that would lead to a new chaos.

Basic condition must be hearing of Assad in the International Criminal Court immediately, otherwise international law will lose its eminent, its entity, its reliability…