28 Eylül 2014 Pazar

IS, a new toy for coalition forces


Why civil war in Syrian has been extended so much?

Why International community and the UN did not take the necessary steps to stop the war in Syria?

Why IS is fighting between Turkish and Syrian border?

Why IS chosen Turkish side and why it didn’t prefer to fight between Iranian and Iraqi boarder? This is very important, very meaningful preferring to fight between Turkish border to enter Syrian territories. There are a lot of questions to ask and consider on them.

Actually, today the instability which has been experienced in our border and surroundings geography goes back to  the year 2003, even to 1990 - 1991, the first Iraq war.

Especially after 2003 the region began to lose its stability. At that time in the US-led coalition forces invaded Iraq unjustly. Seemingly, these international forces would bring peace and democracy to Iraq!

Furthermore, they would rescue and liberate the Iraqi people. Where is peace and liberated Iraqi people, how can we believe that claim. It is seen that claim is not true. Neither Iraqi people and nor the region would see any peace, democracy and stability.

Now the same coalition has come again to clean up the region from the terrorist forces. Do we believe this?


Despite over ten years paste from the first international military coalition there is noting on behalf of peace and democracy in Iraq and Region.

On the contrary, the region has become more instable and more unliveable, more merciless. The region has become a kind of terrorist base! Many terrorist groups have appeared like mushroom.

The first reason of this condition is the current structure of the United Nation Security Council. From now on, it has been understood quietly that this international organization which established to secure peace and stability and to support a democratic regime has lost its basic role, as well as its confidence.

Unless this disabled structure of the UN will be recovered, peace and democracy neither come to Iraq nor across the world.

Because this structure is not democratic, does not obey rule of law, does not obey human rights, does not respect independency and basic rights of innocent peoples, except 5 permanent members.  The international coalition forces have been in Afghanistan for years. Allegedly, they would fight with Taliban but there is no change, the change happened in innocent Afghan people towards negative side.

Seemingly, the international forces look for itself a new puppet to play, to test its new weapons. Because, they have not proved their sincerity in Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Syria.    

22 Eylül 2014 Pazartesi

Innocent poeple wait solution from UN

There are lots of problems on the agenda of the world to be dealth with. However, this year climate change set to discuss at the 69th general assembly of the United Nations.

Climate change has been on the agenda of the world for some three decades. Unfortunately, its destructive effects increase with every passing day. Its solution will also take for a long time.

But, there are also other problems that world notions are facing.

When we list them, we can count foremost ones as hunger, lack of safe drinking water and sanitation, refugee problem, joblessness and as for the most drastic ones are war, terror, civil war and strife.

Well, currently the most important one is terror, strife and refugee problems. These three are related with each other. If terror, strife and civil war are prevented, refugee problem would be prevented in a great deal.

Today, thousands of people lose their life through terror, strife and migration in various part of the World mercilessly.

These cancerous problems happen mostly in the Islamic countries. For this reason, the heads of states and governments must highlight these problems at the general assembly by underpinning humanitarian side of these events.

Of course nobody neglect the climate change, but climate change cannot be stopped in a few days or months. However, it is possible to stop terror, strife and civil war in a short time. This depends on the United Nations Security council and Muslim countries’ struggle with these plagues by coming together and announcing a joint communiqué.

Another basic issue that should be discussed is five permanent members of the UN Security Council at the assembly.

It is frankly known that this current configuration of the UN cannot be able to solve any regional or global problem of the world peoples. In conclusion, if the majority of the leaders who participate in the UN General Assembly do not try to find lasting solution for these vital problem of the innocent people in Myanmar, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan and in other countries in Africa and wherever they exist these innocent people’s situation will worsen more with the upcoming winter condition.

From now on the UN Security Council should not protect tyranny governments and their leaders. If they defense rule of law and human rights, immediately those tyranny leaders should be submitted to the International Criminal Court. Without solving humanitarian problems, environmental problems cannot be solved!  


15 Eylül 2014 Pazartesi

This UN cannot remedy

The 69th Session of the United Nations General Assembly will be convening at the UN Headquarters on Tuesday 16 September – 1 October 2014 amid many conflicts in the world.

According to the source, this year’s agenda of the general assembly comprised of the issues such as biodiversity, chemicals & wastes, climate change, energy, environmental sustainability, forests &REDD, governance, institutional framework for SD, land, meeting, post-2015 themes, UN intergovernmental body.
In addition, there are also lots of humanitarian problems on the agenda that wait urgent solution should be discussed at the sessions of the assembly.

The humanitarian-based problems across the world require the positive and constructive approach.

For example, refugees’ problem, civil wars, strife, terror, poverty and hunger are the foremost humanitarian problems must be solved urgently.

Besides in recent years, the world conjuncture has hatched terror in a multiplication method across the world increasingly threaten many countries especially in the certain region as in Africa and Mideast.

This heinous organization victimizes innocent people.

Mostly Muslim countries suffer this cancerous incident. 

Representatives of Muslim countries and also other countries which have been inoffensive in face of this risk should voice these common problems at the assembly and should offer proposal how to be solved in sincere way.   

Now in the US-led coalition forces are being formed to tackle the plague of terror…

But until now why coalition forces were not formed for Syria where million Syrians have been migrated and displayed, also hundreds of thousands of innocent Syrian people have lost their life in a merciless way by the Syrian forces, by their own army.

Their wish is to get their democratic rights to elect their president and legislation assembly by their free will. But they have not found any support from the international community which adopted democracy and rule of law…

Another issue that should be discussed by the assembly is current structure of the Security Council needs to be restructured, because it has been disabled regarding 5 permanent members’ unjust veto right.

With its current structure United Nations Security Council has been paralyzed that cannot be able to fulfill its mission in front of basic humanitarian problems of the innocent people.

Another vital issue is that the Security Council does not include a Muslim country; for this reason it cannot make healthily and impartial decision.

Meanwhile Millennium Development Goals has been approaching to end, however there is no remarkable recovery in these vital humanitarian issues. Currently, there are some 1 billion people suffer from hunger, 1 billion cannot access safe drinkable water, 2,5 people suffer from lack of sanitary facilities.

Finally current structure of the UN and approach method cannot solve the problems of millions across the world without change the mentality and the structure.

14 Eylül 2014 Pazar

Coalition forces unrealistic


Coalition forces are not solution to terminate terrorist groups in both Iraq and other countries in the region.

The most known example of this effort that could not be a solution to the challenge in the region is Afghanistan example.

As known, currently coalition forces of these countries have been in Afghanistan for long years. What changed in Afghanistan?


Because the aim seemingly is not to rescue Afghanistan from the terror.

Since the coalition forces presence in Afghanistan, the satiation has worsen than before.

There is no recovery!..

Afghan people has become poorer than previous period, Afghan people has faced more unconfident situation than before. Afghan people have fled their territories more than before!...

When common sense owners look at and evaluate the Islamic countries (except a few oil rich ones) all of them have been exposed to a kind of terror organization across Africa and Mideast.

If we say “is these happen accidentally?” at that time we would make someone laugh.

So those Islamic countries which currently do not face with any terror organization, must know that this plague can find them too…

Well, what is the solution?, it depends to see the real reason and to find real solution.

When the entire Islamic countries across the World want to see the real solution, it is very simple and easy.

By bringing together at a roundtable to discuss  their real problem without hesitating, without frightening to lose their any kind of belongings ranging from governing regime to religious matters.

By making a schedule they can solve the current problems either interior or international as well as between them.

Now a new coalition forces are tried to be made to terminate the cancerous plague in Iraq, but it does not seem convincing because there is no any example of it in the region.
                       On the contrary, this new coalition forces seemingly would lead to a new stalemate,         because it's a clearest example is Afghanistan.

11 Eylül 2014 Perşembe

Outline not inclusive

The statement of the US President Obama about the IS is not inclusive and does not seem to eradicate the problem completely. But, in order to be successful to defeat terrorism and barbarism in Iraq and Syria, it requires approaching to the problem with a holistic way.

Because in his speech, he implied anti-IS strategy does not cover Syrian Assad. This means Assad regime would continue its massacre, killing and destruction as before.

Why such a tyranny leader is excluded from the fighting. Since March 2011, Syrian people have been subjected to unprecedented inhumane actions.

Millions of Syrian people have been forced to leave their own territories and they have been in refuge position for years. Some of them have been forced to displace by the civil war. Hundreds of thousands of Syrian people including women and children have lost their life, their belongings and basic rights due to the barbarism by the regime.

In Syria these atrocities, which are unlawful and violate the international law and rule of law, have been identified by the United Nations. Inhumane applications by the Syrian regime to the innocent and defenseless Syrian people have been documented by the related bodies of United Nations from time to time. Excluding tyranny Syrian regime from likely coalition forces led by the US would let the regime to go head to brutalities.

In fact, this negligence of the international community and other related humanitarian organizations have encouraged the Syrian regime to continue committing barbarisms since March to date.

This also means to protect brutality and prevent humanity to set in this country and region. As long as antidemocratic and cruel regime and its authority remain in Syria neither the region and nor Syrian people can find peace and stability.

Frankly, the Assad regime itself has also been implementing a kind of terrorism to its own people. Furthermore, currently Syrian regime implementations to its own people are worse than the Islamic State’s. While so called Islamic State (IS) has been carrying out atrocities, killing, beheading for a few months, as for Syrian regime, it has been committing those for four years.

In front of these brutal actions in Syria, the U.S., United Nations and International community should make decision to prevent atrocities urgently in Syria too. If strife will not be ended and a democratic regime will not be set up in Syria, any stability and peace cannot be expected in Iraq, Syria and region.