11 Eylül 2014 Perşembe

Outline not inclusive

The statement of the US President Obama about the IS is not inclusive and does not seem to eradicate the problem completely. But, in order to be successful to defeat terrorism and barbarism in Iraq and Syria, it requires approaching to the problem with a holistic way.

Because in his speech, he implied anti-IS strategy does not cover Syrian Assad. This means Assad regime would continue its massacre, killing and destruction as before.

Why such a tyranny leader is excluded from the fighting. Since March 2011, Syrian people have been subjected to unprecedented inhumane actions.

Millions of Syrian people have been forced to leave their own territories and they have been in refuge position for years. Some of them have been forced to displace by the civil war. Hundreds of thousands of Syrian people including women and children have lost their life, their belongings and basic rights due to the barbarism by the regime.

In Syria these atrocities, which are unlawful and violate the international law and rule of law, have been identified by the United Nations. Inhumane applications by the Syrian regime to the innocent and defenseless Syrian people have been documented by the related bodies of United Nations from time to time. Excluding tyranny Syrian regime from likely coalition forces led by the US would let the regime to go head to brutalities.

In fact, this negligence of the international community and other related humanitarian organizations have encouraged the Syrian regime to continue committing barbarisms since March to date.

This also means to protect brutality and prevent humanity to set in this country and region. As long as antidemocratic and cruel regime and its authority remain in Syria neither the region and nor Syrian people can find peace and stability.

Frankly, the Assad regime itself has also been implementing a kind of terrorism to its own people. Furthermore, currently Syrian regime implementations to its own people are worse than the Islamic State’s. While so called Islamic State (IS) has been carrying out atrocities, killing, beheading for a few months, as for Syrian regime, it has been committing those for four years.

In front of these brutal actions in Syria, the U.S., United Nations and International community should make decision to prevent atrocities urgently in Syria too. If strife will not be ended and a democratic regime will not be set up in Syria, any stability and peace cannot be expected in Iraq, Syria and region.