15 Eylül 2014 Pazartesi

This UN cannot remedy

The 69th Session of the United Nations General Assembly will be convening at the UN Headquarters on Tuesday 16 September – 1 October 2014 amid many conflicts in the world.

According to the source, this year’s agenda of the general assembly comprised of the issues such as biodiversity, chemicals & wastes, climate change, energy, environmental sustainability, forests &REDD, governance, institutional framework for SD, land, meeting, post-2015 themes, UN intergovernmental body.
In addition, there are also lots of humanitarian problems on the agenda that wait urgent solution should be discussed at the sessions of the assembly.

The humanitarian-based problems across the world require the positive and constructive approach.

For example, refugees’ problem, civil wars, strife, terror, poverty and hunger are the foremost humanitarian problems must be solved urgently.

Besides in recent years, the world conjuncture has hatched terror in a multiplication method across the world increasingly threaten many countries especially in the certain region as in Africa and Mideast.

This heinous organization victimizes innocent people.

Mostly Muslim countries suffer this cancerous incident. 

Representatives of Muslim countries and also other countries which have been inoffensive in face of this risk should voice these common problems at the assembly and should offer proposal how to be solved in sincere way.   

Now in the US-led coalition forces are being formed to tackle the plague of terror…

But until now why coalition forces were not formed for Syria where million Syrians have been migrated and displayed, also hundreds of thousands of innocent Syrian people have lost their life in a merciless way by the Syrian forces, by their own army.

Their wish is to get their democratic rights to elect their president and legislation assembly by their free will. But they have not found any support from the international community which adopted democracy and rule of law…

Another issue that should be discussed by the assembly is current structure of the Security Council needs to be restructured, because it has been disabled regarding 5 permanent members’ unjust veto right.

With its current structure United Nations Security Council has been paralyzed that cannot be able to fulfill its mission in front of basic humanitarian problems of the innocent people.

Another vital issue is that the Security Council does not include a Muslim country; for this reason it cannot make healthily and impartial decision.

Meanwhile Millennium Development Goals has been approaching to end, however there is no remarkable recovery in these vital humanitarian issues. Currently, there are some 1 billion people suffer from hunger, 1 billion cannot access safe drinkable water, 2,5 people suffer from lack of sanitary facilities.

Finally current structure of the UN and approach method cannot solve the problems of millions across the world without change the mentality and the structure.