22 Eylül 2014 Pazartesi

Innocent poeple wait solution from UN

There are lots of problems on the agenda of the world to be dealth with. However, this year climate change set to discuss at the 69th general assembly of the United Nations.

Climate change has been on the agenda of the world for some three decades. Unfortunately, its destructive effects increase with every passing day. Its solution will also take for a long time.

But, there are also other problems that world notions are facing.

When we list them, we can count foremost ones as hunger, lack of safe drinking water and sanitation, refugee problem, joblessness and as for the most drastic ones are war, terror, civil war and strife.

Well, currently the most important one is terror, strife and refugee problems. These three are related with each other. If terror, strife and civil war are prevented, refugee problem would be prevented in a great deal.

Today, thousands of people lose their life through terror, strife and migration in various part of the World mercilessly.

These cancerous problems happen mostly in the Islamic countries. For this reason, the heads of states and governments must highlight these problems at the general assembly by underpinning humanitarian side of these events.

Of course nobody neglect the climate change, but climate change cannot be stopped in a few days or months. However, it is possible to stop terror, strife and civil war in a short time. This depends on the United Nations Security council and Muslim countries’ struggle with these plagues by coming together and announcing a joint communiqué.

Another basic issue that should be discussed is five permanent members of the UN Security Council at the assembly.

It is frankly known that this current configuration of the UN cannot be able to solve any regional or global problem of the world peoples. In conclusion, if the majority of the leaders who participate in the UN General Assembly do not try to find lasting solution for these vital problem of the innocent people in Myanmar, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan and in other countries in Africa and wherever they exist these innocent people’s situation will worsen more with the upcoming winter condition.

From now on the UN Security Council should not protect tyranny governments and their leaders. If they defense rule of law and human rights, immediately those tyranny leaders should be submitted to the International Criminal Court. Without solving humanitarian problems, environmental problems cannot be solved!