28 Eylül 2014 Pazar

IS, a new toy for coalition forces


Why civil war in Syrian has been extended so much?

Why International community and the UN did not take the necessary steps to stop the war in Syria?

Why IS is fighting between Turkish and Syrian border?

Why IS chosen Turkish side and why it didn’t prefer to fight between Iranian and Iraqi boarder? This is very important, very meaningful preferring to fight between Turkish border to enter Syrian territories. There are a lot of questions to ask and consider on them.

Actually, today the instability which has been experienced in our border and surroundings geography goes back to  the year 2003, even to 1990 - 1991, the first Iraq war.

Especially after 2003 the region began to lose its stability. At that time in the US-led coalition forces invaded Iraq unjustly. Seemingly, these international forces would bring peace and democracy to Iraq!

Furthermore, they would rescue and liberate the Iraqi people. Where is peace and liberated Iraqi people, how can we believe that claim. It is seen that claim is not true. Neither Iraqi people and nor the region would see any peace, democracy and stability.

Now the same coalition has come again to clean up the region from the terrorist forces. Do we believe this?


Despite over ten years paste from the first international military coalition there is noting on behalf of peace and democracy in Iraq and Region.

On the contrary, the region has become more instable and more unliveable, more merciless. The region has become a kind of terrorist base! Many terrorist groups have appeared like mushroom.

The first reason of this condition is the current structure of the United Nation Security Council. From now on, it has been understood quietly that this international organization which established to secure peace and stability and to support a democratic regime has lost its basic role, as well as its confidence.

Unless this disabled structure of the UN will be recovered, peace and democracy neither come to Iraq nor across the world.

Because this structure is not democratic, does not obey rule of law, does not obey human rights, does not respect independency and basic rights of innocent peoples, except 5 permanent members.  The international coalition forces have been in Afghanistan for years. Allegedly, they would fight with Taliban but there is no change, the change happened in innocent Afghan people towards negative side.

Seemingly, the international forces look for itself a new puppet to play, to test its new weapons. Because, they have not proved their sincerity in Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Syria.