7 Ekim 2014 Salı

International campaign against terror

Terror organizations scourge some of the world. Those who ignore the disease of this century will repent, due to not considering this sneak plague since the beginning.

When we take a look at the world, mostly lots of Islamic countries have encountered with this sneak organization, despite Islamic religion rejects every kind of terror, every kind of barbarism.

Because of Islamic religion is absolutely against every sort of violence and terror, this is a basic principle and Islam a peaceful religion.

Although a lot of leaders of foremost Islamic countries express this bitter contradiction, some of imperialist mentality struggles to show Islamic religion side by side with terror.   

We also believe that most of participants in terror organization on behalf of Islam do not know basic principle of Islamic religion as well as killing, victimization and terrorist actions are a big sin.

In this case, all of Muslim countries must start a promotion campaign by using today’s every kind of communication technologies that Islam cannot be held together with terrorist organizations and activities.

As long as some keep their silence these organizations would multiply like mushroom in the Islamic countries. Without being late this promotion campaign should be internationally and jointly started with a coverage featuring in a realistic and convincing way. Rich Islamic countries can finance this promotion campaign.

Especially, since 9/11 attacks in the US, Islamic religion and Muslims have been shown as supporter of terrorist activities; Islamic countries and Muslims have been with accusations of terror in an unjust way.

Can we believe these huge terrorist organizations are happening accidently, without getting every sort of necessary logistics?

Another drastic thing, why these happenings have not been in any other country except Islamic country?

Currently there is ISIS which has appeared to set up an Islamic State. This terror organization is steadily getting wild in recent months. On one side, while it has promulgated itself as an Islamic State, on the other side there is no relation between Islamic rules and these terrorist organizations’ actions. How an Islamic state kills innocent people without any concrete crime judgment? How somebody, who says it is an Islam, destroys mosques and tombs? Mosques and tombs are holy praying and visiting places.

If a serious investigation is conducted, any of the members of this terror organization cannot know the basic principle of the Islamic religion. In this case, openly, frankly it is seen that the aim of this organization is to serve to imperialist mentality.

All of the terror organizations which have been established under the Islamic religion name across the world have been actually serving to imperialist side, harm Islam and Muslim countries. One of the most radical examples to this claim is Afghanistan. Afghanistan has been fighting together with the coalition forces against Taliban for years, but there is nothing change, on the contrary Afghanistan has lost many things both as material and spiritually. Even there is no light to terminate terror in Afghanistan.

Following approval of the motion to join the international coalition, Turkey must be sure that the other members of the coalition forces that would not make any error, any compromising and intrigue while fighting with the ISIS.

We know these coalition forces from Iraq, from Afghanistan that they have killed many innocent people. We also know that the coalition forces have not achieved in its mission to date, on the contrary it left very deep wounds where it have been.