9 Ekim 2014 Perşembe

Solution in Turkey’s suggestions

The international allied forces must accept some realities. Firstly, accepting IS terrorist organization is not jihadist.

Having named insurgents as jihadist would be a big betraying to this word's content. Those do not know real meaning of this word must learn.

Jihadist is attributed to a Muslim who does not commit any ill-intended action, does not attempt to conflict, does not lead to any uprising, any terrorist action and organization. What we see that IS terror organization has been committing; there is no relation with the basic rules of Islamic religion. The entire world, international community and all of the organizations which link to humanitarian values must know that what IS makes since its establishment to date there is no relation with the Islamic and humanitarian rules.

Having identified its name with Islam is a big fake, illusion, deception.

The international community, either knows or not, must separate jihadist and terrorist from each other.

Those who fire, destroy, kill the innocent people cannot be jihadist. This vital issue has to be corrected by Muslim countries with a joint declaration. Another one of the foremost important topics is that international community and allied forces are not sincere in fighting terrorism and IS. If these forces desire to terminate all of terrorist organization must consider Turkey’s suggestions. Whereas the allied forces aim to fight against IS terrorist organization, they must take up the issue holistically, otherwise success is very far away and impossible.

Why they do not take into consideration Turkey’s proposals which include a buffer zone. This proposal is very humanitarian, very peaceful and reasonable, at that time many innocent Syrian people including children, women and many defenseless ones will be in safe haven.

Why they do not accept “no flight zone”, why they do not accept Syrian tyranny leaders to be judged at the International Criminal Court. In the face of these clear realities that must be fulfilled in order to terminate humanitarian crisis in both Syria and other places these logical suggestions must be considered.

At that time international community, the UN and allied forces would win confidence.

In recent days, a few looters, who are unable to see the realities, hold demonstrations in some of the cities in Turkey by firing, destroying the goods of the public and private sector.


Because their target is not protest IS terrorism, their objective is to help to IS terror organization, meanwhile supporting imperialists.
Finally, it must be known that IS not a jihadist organization, a biggest international terror organization, it is a sister of Al Qaeda, a sister of Taliban, a sister of any other terror organization. A single aim of all terror organizations is to work, to serve on behalf of imperialist powers, not innocent people!...