2 Kasım 2014 Pazar

Why Syrian conflict extended so much?

Why Syrian conflict has extended so much for four years? So this insensitive approach to this humanitarian issue arises vital questions in global minds...

IS continues nonstop massacres in front of eyes of international communities, the UN and other related humanitarian organizations as well as International Criminal Court.  

As if a message is highlighted, “While such a conflict have been found in the region, it should not be missed, this opportunity should be evaluated.”

The strange thing is that this organization is advertised as an Islamic organization instead of merciless terror organization.

The IS cannot be an Islamic state. This terrorist organization has been particularly established to demolish Islamic fundamental and unchanged image and rules, which are very respectful for human beings, to blemish Islamic religion and Muslims.

As much as we observe, this illicit organization has been established to slaughter Muslim people, innocent people under the Islamic guise.  This organization has been also established to stigmatize Islamic religion and Muslims.

Furthermore this terrorist organization has been established to achieve someone’s heinous dreams.

Under the Islamic name this terrorist organization destroys mosques, Muslim tombs. Any Muslim cannot commit such kind of massacres, in a mercilessly way. 

Another strange thing is that any person who wears an Islamic headgear and Islamic robe demonstrates himself easily as a caliph.

Unfortunately, these illiterate Muslim people are easily deceived and supindifference

pose themselves as jihadist without realizing its correct meaning.

These Illiterate Muslim people who do not know the basic principles of Islamic religion cause non-repairable wounds in the Islamic world and Islamic religion.

Seemingly international community, the UNSC and other related organizations do not seem to steps to solve this humanitarian problem that have been in the region for over a decade. Remaining indifference to this humanitarian issue, mass killings for a long time arises concerns in the global conscience!