8 Ekim 2014 Çarşamba

But the map remains lack

All of western forces seem in favor of Kurdish people. Is this interest genuine?

According to a map of Reuters which includes almost entire territories of Turkey, north Iraq, some part of Syria and some part of Iran belong to the Kurdish population with whom Turkish people have been living together for 1000 years. There is no separation, distinction, there are lots of togetherness as well.

But there is an important lack in the map. Today there are many Kurdish people also live in the European countries. Those, who have designed the map, must renew that map again.

According to this mentality, this map has no validity unless the map is extended up to the territories including entire Europe. Kurdish people have been living in Europe for a half of century. Excluding European territories would be injustice. Otherwise their affection and interest would remain lack!

Meanwhile, this new map drawer ignores millions of Turkish people existence!...

This is a famous Megalo-Idea of someone; we know this idea for centuries.

We understand very well that why the western countries protect this century’s tyrant who has caused over two thousands of innocent Syrian people by using incredible methods, despite those barbaric methods have been determined by the UN as crime according to the international law.

These protections for such a despot is not futile, this protection does not stem from the sympathy to the tyranny Assad, and we also know he is a puppet of imperialists.

When his time ends, his rob will be pulled. We know these nasty plans from the previous examples. We know why the IS terror organization has been formed, we know the IS has been formed for what purpose! We know all of heinous and nasty plans on Turkey.

But there is a crucial unknown thing by those who prepared these disgusting plans, is that Turkish people know to bloc with its all ethnic groups when it is necessary.

Because we know that these territories belong to all of us. Because we know, if necessary to repeat “Dardanelle straits are not passed”, all of people who in these territories from east to west from north to south are in consciousness and awareness of independency, except a few looters!