14 Eylül 2014 Pazar

Coalition forces unrealistic


Coalition forces are not solution to terminate terrorist groups in both Iraq and other countries in the region.

The most known example of this effort that could not be a solution to the challenge in the region is Afghanistan example.

As known, currently coalition forces of these countries have been in Afghanistan for long years. What changed in Afghanistan?


Because the aim seemingly is not to rescue Afghanistan from the terror.

Since the coalition forces presence in Afghanistan, the satiation has worsen than before.

There is no recovery!..

Afghan people has become poorer than previous period, Afghan people has faced more unconfident situation than before. Afghan people have fled their territories more than before!...

When common sense owners look at and evaluate the Islamic countries (except a few oil rich ones) all of them have been exposed to a kind of terror organization across Africa and Mideast.

If we say “is these happen accidentally?” at that time we would make someone laugh.

So those Islamic countries which currently do not face with any terror organization, must know that this plague can find them too…

Well, what is the solution?, it depends to see the real reason and to find real solution.

When the entire Islamic countries across the World want to see the real solution, it is very simple and easy.

By bringing together at a roundtable to discuss  their real problem without hesitating, without frightening to lose their any kind of belongings ranging from governing regime to religious matters.

By making a schedule they can solve the current problems either interior or international as well as between them.

Now a new coalition forces are tried to be made to terminate the cancerous plague in Iraq, but it does not seem convincing because there is no any example of it in the region.
                       On the contrary, this new coalition forces seemingly would lead to a new stalemate,         because it's a clearest example is Afghanistan.