12 Temmuz 2014 Cumartesi

Disproportionate use of force on Gaza

Israel arm continues massacres on Gaza defiantly, because unacceptable tolerance of the international community and the UN.

These heinous and unprecedented massacres, unlawful and intolerable operation on Gaza has been under bombardment for days.

While Gaza is been destroyed, Palestinians are been killed via heavy bombardments without discriminating child, woman, civilian; seemingly the rightful side, crying, victim side is Israel where no casualties have been reported. Nobody takes place at the side of innocent people in Gaza.

Why? Because the entire international community remains silent, remains unresponsive to this inhumane operation! If a serious, noteworthy reaction and condemnation are declared, any state cannot dare such kind of disproportionate use of force!   

All humanitarian rights have been violated in the Palestinian territories. Israel has been preventing every kind of rights of Palestinians on their own territories such as freedom of worship, freedom of trade, freedom of doing their own business for many years. Implementing these inhumane operations Israel violates all universal laws too!

Despite these universal rights, Israel state carries out illegal sanctions on Palestinians. Nobody takes into consideration these basic humanitarian rights of Palestinians rather than complaints of Israel.

The last attack of Israeli arm is the clearest evidence of violations of Palestinians on their own territories.

Because, primarily the UN, international community and then other related lawful and humanitarian organizations do not want to see the reality in Palestine.

Since the beginning, the tactic of Israel state is occupying Palestine territories and killing of Palestinians by accusing and disseminating Palestinians as terrorist.

Because Israel state has not seen any international sanction by the United Nations Security Council, any serious condemnation from the UN and international community.

Due to Israel state has awareness of this; it continues to advance  towards its final goal by misleading the international public opinion.

Furthermore by saying without hesitating, “Good Arab is dead Arab”.

Israeli army has collapsed and destroyed many buildings in Gaza and left over 100 people dead. Israel continuously claims its citizens’ security.

Israel has been frankly implementing extrajudicial killings and systematic killings in Gaza. The Palestinian people have been subjected to slavery process for years, despite lots of humanitarian organizations existence.
Finally Israel sustains disproportionate use of force on Gaza as well as extrajudicial killings.