23 Temmuz 2014 Çarşamba

Go ahead: The message to Israel


Israel has not been subjected to any sanction since the beginning to date regarding its genocide for decades in Palestine.

Having awareness of this nonstop illegal tolerance, the state of Israel will maintain its offenses without hesitating.

Israel knows it will not face any legal sanction even violating all of international laws, human rights...

Truce can be settled, weapons can be silenced, but Israel’s deep plans on Palestine will not stop. This is the planned genocide tactic of Israel.

All of these show that the state of Israel is advancing on its way to realize its secret plan.

If this process is inspected from the beginning onward, the state of Israel has been unlawfully protected by violating all of international organizations’ rules.

Regarding these internationally unlawful events, it is said that  international law has been put into coffin. This means international law is not operable.  

In his speech in Egypt, Mr. Kerry; “the US was concerned about Palestinian casualties, but lent his support to Israel's "appropriate and legitimate" military operation.” But why not to Palestinian people who have lost over 600 people and their hundreds of homes destroyed and leveled by the Israeli airstrikes and ground offensive?

As for Mr. Ban, “The United Nations position is clear: We condemn strongly the rocket attacks. These must stop immediately.”

“No country would accept rockets raining down on its territory – and all countries and parties have an international obligation to protect civilians,” he added.

Mr. Ban should also say, “The United Nations position is clear, we condemn strongly airstrikes on Palestinian territories no country, no conscience and no human being would accept raining down bombs on its territories.”

Because, neither the UN, nor the international community openly condemn the genocide perpetrators in Palestinian for over 6 decades.

Seemingly with this approach and understanding, peace and compromise would not come to Palestinian territories unless this single sided approach of the UN and international community change.

The message given to Israel means, “go ahead”, in other words you continue your carnage, continue your occupation in the Palestinian territories.