10 Temmuz 2014 Perşembe

Israel continues firing, destroying, killing

Until today, Israel has increasingly occupied Palestinians territories by using terrorist argument in the best way. How can a community deemed as terrorist as defending their own territories, is there an example of this oddity understanding?

How can a community - who does not have the state-of-the-art technological weapons - resist against sophisticated weapons?

Disseminating the terrorist argument across the world, Palestinian people have been left deprived of the right of self-defense.

In order to justify itself, Israel has violated a crucial international rule by disseminating a false propaganda across the world.

By Accusing Palestinians with the label of ‘terror and terrorism’, Israel would commit a humanitarian crime. Because of defending the territories is a basic right of a country or nation. Every nation has self-defense right. But international community, the UN and other humanitarian organizations did not want to see this reality.

Also Palestinians could not be able to explain this tricky game in the international arena as well as lack of diplomatic defense art.

Whenever Israel plans a attack on Palestinian territories, it bring this tricky claim on the agenda. If the Palestinian drama is addressed by an impartial inspection team in terms of rule of law, human rights; lots of humanitarian crimes would be revealed.

Manipulating terrorist label, Israel state has prevented the right of self-defense of Palestinians. Using this claim and attacking with the advanced weapons on Palestine Israel state has caused unjustly death of million people in Palestine. Adopting this huge lie as a justification, the international community, Security Council of the United Nations also would be responsible from the death of millions of Palestinians. So, international law has been violated for years. Advocators of this humanitarian topic do not comment anything!

In every airstrike those who died are Palestinians, those of whom homes have been leveled, destroyed are Palestinian people. In this case who is terrorist, who is innocent? The meaning of this approach is innocent people is evaluated terrorist, as for terrorist as innocent! In other words those who carry out massacre are deemed innocent, innocent people are deemed as terrorist! Without bringing clear explanation to these concepts, a lasting solution would not be reached! As Israel continues firing, destruction and killing, it does not quit accusing Palestinians as terroris!