30 Temmuz 2014 Çarşamba

No democracy, no peace


This is the main principle of imperialist mentality!
Unless this inhumane mentality changes, many of the Islamic countries which currently try to establish a democratic regime, cannot find democracy and peace!
The western mentality and ideology know this reality very well. Beyond this, they try to keep this inhumane mentality in a sustainable way on their agenda.
They defend democracy, human rights and rule of law for only themselves, but not for the entire world peoples.
This is the mentality that does not want democracy in the Middle Eastern countries.
As known, Egypt had gained democracy first time in the democracy history, but imperialist mentality has set up the headquarters in Egypt following first free election to depose the first democratically elected president.
The international media after election of Morsi with help of a few provocateurs in Egypt continuously aired interviews and news against Morsi.
At the end, this imperialist power has reached its heinous aim.
Because, they are not real democracy and human rights defenders. So, their real face has appeared once again that they remain at the side of antidemocratic regimes.  
Pretendedly, they take place at the side of democracy, but they do not help Arab Spring which is a democratization action launched in 2011. Since the begging of Arab Spring which has turned into Arab Winter due to the stance of imperialist masses; democracy, peace, rule of law and human rights could not have been set up in those countries.
So, wish of democracy in those countries which have attempted to establish a democratic regime, democratic freedom in their own countries, the foremost imperialists countries have not openly helped politically, diplomatically.
Therefore, hundreds of thousands of innocent people have lost their lives during the Arab Spring since 2011 to date, in Egypt, in Libya, in Iraq and Syria.
The imperialist mentality has taken place at the side of tyrants, so they have proved that they are not sincere in their democracy and human rights understanding.
Human rights abuses are being experienced in Iraq, Palestine, Egypt, Libya and Syria for years, but any member of the foremost international community and human rights organization does not attitude seriously and sincerely to solve this inhumane condition!
They condemn the events falsely in front of the global public opinion, but current situation in those countries would make them float on air; what a bitter situation on behalf of human beings.
This mentality must examine the history, in the past centuries what was made to bring peace and tranquility for those who had been exposed to that kind of unwanted condition; if they want to learn humanitarian lesson they must look at that ages.
Regrettable, their false democracy understanding has been registered in the pages of history once again in the face of the entire world!