17 Temmuz 2014 Perşembe

Where is mission of the UN

One of the basic missions of the UN is to save all of the nations from scourge of wars across the world.

Currently, there are many nations wait for security. As if the UN only thinks security for a few nations. This opinion is not a healthily and reasonable thought. Remedies and solutions must be found and put into implementations for all who wait for security.

When we take into account the Middle East and North Africa in MENA region, the countries suffer from lack of every kind of security such as life, shelter, nutrition, treatment and medicine.

But whenever security is in question in those or similar countries, neither the UN nor international community take up the issue inclusively.

This understanding does not associate with the understanding of justice and humanity. This approach is also opposite to the universal human values. Why international community, the UN and other related organizations do not remember other innocent nations’ security? Defending security involves a holistic approach!

In Syria a humanitarian tragedy has being experienced for four years. In Iraq over 10 years Iraqi people have been suffering from bombing, blasting, every kind of inhumane event. Where are security advocators, why they do not address this humanitarian issue, why they do not tackle these everlasting basic humanitarian problems in Iraq, Syria, Palestinian, Myanmar and in other places?

Palestinian people have also been suffering from lack of every kind of human rights over 60 years. Someone has declared these defenseless people in their own territories as terrorist. Because there is no other way to accuse these innocent people other than terrorist. When the Palestinians are recognized as terrorist then opposite side can be able to find way for the heinous aims such as occupying, killing, destroying.

Imperialist side has found an easy way to justify themselves and accuse innocent people unjustly. In Egypt, army deposed democratically elected president in a scandalous way in order to kill public will. Then thousands of opposition people in Egypt were attacked by the snipers. Where were the UN and international community and humanitarian organizations? Why they did not defend these defenseless people, why these organizations did defense security of these people?

So then there is no serious approach to solve security problems completely. Seemingly whenever these organizations desire, at that time they remember human-beings security. With this approach and understanding, neither the UN Security Council nor international community can establish the inclusive security.

Apparently the UN cannot be able to fulfill its basic mission, because of the mission of the UN has not been working.

For this reason, a swift and a just structural reform is urgently needed in the UN to settle peace across the world.