8 Temmuz 2014 Salı

No one can say anything because of Israel

Israel continues air strikes on Gaza in a sustainable way; seemingly this action has become a habit for Israel.

It has become a reflexive action whenever it remembers Gaza, as a reflexive action. It launches weapons on Palestinians whenever it wants.

It is understood that Israel will be sustaining this disproportionate use of power until no one exists in Palestine. Obviously this shows that it does not recognize any basic right for the Palestinian people.   

However, any international organization in this issue does not ask, “Why you make this unjust action?”

This approach remembers that primarily the UN and then international community do not respect for the rights to Palestinian people!

This unjust approach also shows that they do not deserve Palestinians to use their self-defense right.

When Palestinians defense themselves, they are accused as militant or terrorist?

Openly and unjustly international community, international laws and international justice, shortly how many organizations which defense the human rights do not say anything seriously and do not condemn and do not address this humanitarian issue sincerely to bring lasting solution.

This means that Palestinians have been excluded from all the international laws?

This is what kind of humanitarian understanding, what kind of humanitarian approach?

Through this approach how international peace can be set up across the world?

During long process, Palestinians have lost the most of their own territories, despite this still they are accused, they are charged as terrorist.

What is the lawful way for them to defense themselves?

Either the UN or other international bodies in this issue must find a lawful defense way for Palestinians!

It has been for long years that Palestinians’ territories have been invaded.

Palestinians have been forced to leave their own territories.

As for those, who remain in their own country have been continuously under danger of Israeli siege and also exposed to the air strikes without discriminating whether child, women or elder.

With this understanding of the international community, the UN and international right organizations cannot bring solution to the international problems.

Opposite side has the state-of-the art technological weapons and whenever they want they launch air strikes on Palestinians. As for Palestinians, neither they have advanced technological arms nor regular troops, but unfortunately they are accused as terrorists.