19 Temmuz 2014 Cumartesi

Unprecedented deception!



US President Barack Obama had backed Israel’s right to self-defense, according to bbc internet page.

What is definition of self-defense?

Shortly, protecting someone or something against aggressor, offensive; defending oneself, one’s property or well-being from aggressor!

Another definition for self –defense; “the use of reasonable force to protect oneself or members of the family from bodily harm from the attack of an aggressor.”  

In Palestine case, who is aggressor, who is attacker?

Since the unjust conflict began to date, who lost most of the territories?

Who lost majority of its people?

Whose homes have been destroyed over their heads?

Who has been forced to leave their own territories?

Whose children remain without father and mother?

Who lost their children?   

Whose basic humanitarian rights were grasped?

Who has been forced to leave their own properties, fields, gardens, business places?

Which community has been under every kind of pressure since the invading of Israel?

All of these human being and territory violations have been mercilessly implemented by the state of Israel onto Palestinian for over 60 years.

These violations of basic human rights have been made by the state of Israel to the Palestinians at their own territories, at their homes.

However, in front of all of these basic violations that carried out on the Palestinians for over 60 years, the entire international community has maintained their attitude by taking place at unjust side.

Both the UN and international community persistently have not wanted to see every kind of violations of human rights applied on the Palestinians.

All of these pitiless implementations on Palestinians are recorded in the history archive!

Whoever wants can check to see who has been subjected to homicide and all of unjust treatments?

Now, we must ask the UN and international community on behalf of humanity, in the face of the entire casualties of Palestinians, who has use of right of self-defense, who must receive compensation?

Having been subjected to every kind of losses and violations for over 60 years, who must be protected, those who are attacking with all of the sophisticated arms on Palestinians or those who have not any weapon to protect themselves against heavy armed attackers?   

In conclusion, right to self-defense primarily must belong to the Palestinian people, because they have lost every kind of belongings ranging lives to territories.  These losses must be repaid to Palestinians.