13 Temmuz 2014 Pazar

Who is real terrorist?


Where is the Security Council?

Where is the United Nations?

Where is International community?

Where is International Criminal Court?

Where are all of so called humanitarian organizations?

Is this your humanitarian understanding?

Is this your peace and human rights understanding?

Who is terrorist?

Who carries out terrorism on Gaza and Palestinians, Israel or Hamas?
Who are killing, Palestinians or Jewish?

This is what kind of contradiction, falsity?

Why the enter world cannot want to see this distorted claim?

Israel commits homicide in Gaza.

Look this, only 17 members of a family lost their lives in airstrikes of Israel on Gaza!

Why all of these organizations have been set up?

What are their basic aims, watching massacres or preventing these brutality and butchers?

How can international community and other humanitarian organization explain this unprecedented carnage committed by Israel army in Gaza?

 All of these organizations have lost their confidence, reliability in front of human-beings.

This attitude of these organizations is the net evidence that shows they have been collapsed.

As for the attitude of the Arabic countries and Arabic organizations cannot be announced; what a pity, what a shame!

This massacre, brutality, atrocities, barbarism and terrorist attacks of Israeli army must be condemned at the United Nations.

Who is real terrorist must be promulgated to the entire world!

Making pretext its own security, Israel commits real terrorism on Gaza and Palestinians without hesitating, without taking into consideration international human rights, universal rules.
It is understood that this massacre primarily stems from the Arabic world, and then the entire world's silent in front of this humanitarian tragedy!