1 Haziran 2012 Cuma

Rio+20 targets a better future


Since human beings have begun to recognize the destructive effects such as hurricane, climate change, global warming, flashfloods, air pollution; afterward searches have been launched for mitigating fatal results of the unwanted and abrupt events. The researches highlight an obligation so as not to devastate nature excessively. Otherwise, number of calamities and frequencies could be inevitable.

Along with the searches, we have met necessarily with new concepts especially the word “green” has a crucial place in all living creatures.

Green means the sign of life, vitality and remaining in existence. For these reason it requires consciousness, protection and sustainability for green areas in the world.

Type of economic systems and living habits and traditions have a crucial role to allow environment to be suitable primarily for human beings and then other creatures. Since the industrial revolution, many technologies and production techniques have entered into force without taking into consideration their possible aggravated negative results…

However, after a point, when something has begun to go wrong and the normal system has begun to alert, too.  

In the last two decades unwanted destructive events have steadily increased its dosage on environment. Due to these negative developments, solution suggestions have been entering into force in order to mitigate harmful effects on environment.

Now increasingly related institutions and bodies across the world try to constitute awareness against the destructive events and to solve the huge environmentally problems which human beings have suffered.

On behalf of claiming the natural assets, one of the foremost things is economic model and production techniques.

The new paradigm in economic activities is green economy and green economic model is being advocated for being adopted across the world. Because of the current situation requires a new paradigm and solutions for overcoming the huge environmental disputes.

In the scope of the new economic paradigm, producers and consumers must focus on green economic model concept. Fulfilling this vital duty, necessary regulations, education and awareness have a crucial role in order to recover the environmentally distorted and aggravated world.

The experts and responsible establishments say, “We need to put our world on a more sustainable path: economically, socially, and environmentally.”

The United Nations show noteworthy efforts in order to harness the power of partnership to shift the world onto a more sustainable trajectory of growth and development.

In this framework in June, Rio+20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, is being held to take a concrete step forward in this regard.
There is also another action called ‘Millennium Development Goals’ which was constituted in leading of United Nations aims to eliminate poverty, waterlessness and hunger in the world that will end in 2015.

Despite this action being into force for 12 years, it cannot be said that the action has achieved aimed problems thoroughly, but positive developments have occurred according to the UN. Now a new planning is considered for post-2015.

Rio+20 meeting is regarded to provide an opportunity for “a future of greater prosperity and equitable growth on a healthy planet for current and next generations.

So governments would be urged to take action on a number of important global issues for the sake of future generations by Rio+20 conference.

Rio+20 conference aims to let seven key areas should be taken into action by governments to help generate decent jobs; advance food security and sustainable agriculture with a push for zero hunger; universal access to sustainable energy; universal access to safe drinking water and sanitation; provide guidance on sustainable use, management and conservation of oceans; build institutions to support sustainable development at all levels; and advance a process of defining Sustainable Development Goals.