6 Temmuz 2015 Pazartesi

Paradigm of New Turkey



Regarding crucial geographical positioning of Turkey in its region and the world, Turkish general elections have aroused interest in both home and abroad during the political parties’ campaigns.

This time the results of election for the members of Turkish Grand National Assembly have revealed some astonishing results when compared with previous ones.

Turkey’s Justice and Development Party (Ak Party) has been ruling party consecutively for 12-13 years since November 2002.

Even though finishing the race as first party, but it remains little bit lack to form the government itself in terms of number of deputies. Winning the number of 258 deputies, Ak Party needs support of 18 deputies from one of other parties in the parliament. After swearing in ceremony and election of parliamentary speaker, Turkish president Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan will assign Mr. Ahmet Davutoglu, Prime Minister and leader of Ak Party to reshuffle the government by negotiating with the other political parties’ leaders in the parliament.

If any agreement would not be ensured with the representatives of the political parties in the Grand National Assembly, a snap election might come on the agenda, presumably in late fall…

Meanwhile, when we analyze background of Ak Party, one year later from its foundation Ak party had been successful to win the parliamentary election firstly on November 3rd, 2002 and since then it won the general elections successively three time by raising its voting rates until the last election held on June 7th. These results show that Turkish voters have approved Ak Party’s performance regarding its investments, development plans and projects which accomplished in the past three terms in the country.

Also macroeconomic indicators have recovered and showed better performance. Turkish gross domestic product has tripled from $230 billion to over $800 billion. Ak party also set some outstanding projections for 2023 such as expanding country’s exports up to $500 billion, raising per capita income up to $25,000 and gross domestic product by $2 trillion.

With its reformist approach to the issues, Ak Party has realized remarkable structural reforms by unshackling nonsense taboos in order to accelerate country’s development and freedoms.

When we look at the background during 12-13 years, actually Ak Party has realized outstanding performances. The things accomplished to date indicate that the current ruling party will realize its projections which have been on its agenda in the upcoming years.

Despite the reforms made in its ruling term, there are also two crucial items on the agenda of the country needing to be reformed.

In this term, Ak Party’s priority is to amend current constitution which does not match today’s conditions.

Another principal change is to enact presidency system which would replace current presidency system.

If these two long standing reforms will be realized in next period, the paradigm of New Turkey would speed up...