21 Nisan 2017 Cuma

Confidence and stability favored

Having been on the Turkish agenda for long years, finally the purposed constitutional amendment including some of the articles has been approved by the Turkish people with a referendum held 16th April.
Thus, a new white page has been opened in front of the country.
So, the two-headed administration - which involved President and Prime Minister System that has been in the force for decades in the country - was ended. 
The new system will be completely entering into force in 2019.
Previously the constitutional amendment had been brought on the agenda via civil presidents from time to time, but it was remained unresolved.
The reason of constitutional amendment principally was to be removed the two-headed governing system. Because of decision making processes could not advance swiftly.
In order to solve this hindrance, remedy was to change at least some of the articles of the constitution.
Despite suggestion and drafts have been prepared and offered to the Grand National Assembly for making the amendment, somehow success was not obtained until this verdict of Turkey’s grand national assembly.
But this time, the efforts of the ruling party achieved to get rid of a bulky system.
With this new system no longer the country will face coalition governments.
So, stability management system will be in the force.
Checks and balances system will be justly in implementation.
In accordance with this new system, as soon as one of the presidential candidates is won the election, the winning president will also constitute the council of ministers out of the grant national assembly.
This new governing system will also attract more foreign direct investment.
From now on investors will trust more in our country to make investment regrading stability.
Thanks to this new administration system the gears of economy will work better without facing any hindrance.
Production, distribution and consumption chain will also operate in a stabile way.
Solving this crucial problem Ak Party has played important role regarding experiencing the old system handicapped.
Having been in the office as a single party advantage since 2002, ruling Ak Party has brought radical solutions in other issues as well.
Its decisive stance has played positive role in overcoming the challenges arisen both from the home and abroad to date.
Nearly 15 years ago existing high inflation and interest rates and other economic troubles in the country have been solved pretty much through in its period.
Meanwhile, per capita income has risen over threefold.
The country exports have also surged over fourfold.

In this period, huge investments were made and entered into force. We believe that positive developments will increasingly boost with this new system more. Regarding these positive acquisitions most of the Turkish people have approved this new system.