18 Nisan 2016 Pazartesi

Growing for the 25th consecutive quarter

Turkish economy sustained its growth for the 25th consecutive quarter with 5.7 percent that gained in the last quarter of 2015.

Despite strife and wars both in the surrounding countries and neighboring countries, as well as the global economic disruption that has not achieved stability since 2007-2008; Turkish economy achieved a growth rate of 4 percent in 2015.

This growth rate performs dynamism of robust Turkish economy.

Performing 4 percent growth in 2015 in the negative conditions regarding strife, war and unstable conditions for over 5 years in Iraq and Syria, as well as brutality of DAESH terrorist organization in the region, Turkish economy is signaling its growth potential for the upcoming years.

Accordingly, once the strife and wars in neighboring countries end up, the giant potential of the Turkish economy will expose its real power. The economy would be able to display its real performance at that time.

The growth in Turkish economy despite strife and wars in neighboring and surrounding countries, geopolitical risks and general elections held in 2015, growth rate is perceived as a success story.

According to the analysts, in a conjuncture which geopolitical risks have increased in the region, the growth rate in the Turkish economy is attributed to the domestic consumption especially having sold one million vehicles in 2015.

Also having young population would spur the Turkish economy to mobilize the domestic consumption because of being a key pillar of economy.

As for 2016, the economic uplifting in the European market and the European Central Bank’s measurements interpreted as the positive developments for the Turkish economy.

Also continuity of low oil prices will push the Turkish economy to the positive direction this year, as well as last year.

Another positive development for the Turkish economy is low crude oil prices which play remarkable role to reduce Turkish current account deficit. 

In the framework of these positive developments in terms of economy, expectations for the growth in 2016 would be the same with this year.

Performing growth for the 25 consecutive quarters also shows the stability of Turkish economy.

On the other hand, Turkish economy showed the fourth growth performance in G20 countries last year.

Also growth of the Turkish economy shows a higher performance than the world economy which is predicted 2.9 percent for last year and as for 2016 the growth rate is foreseen 3.1 percent.

The growth for the 25th consecutive quarter is also regarded as an indicator of success in the economy management of the ruling party.

In conclusion, once strife and wars in neighboring and surrounding countries finish, growth rate might raise more than this in the upcoming years…