5 Nisan 2014 Cumartesi

New paradigm in economy


The industrial revolution which was the transforming from the agriculture to the industrial process, spread increasingly.

On one hand the transformation has provided great opportunities, on the other hand human-beings could not be able to consider its side effects to this extent.

In the past decades, technological innovations have been used in an unconsciousness way without taking into consideration their possible bad results, harms and destructive effects in nature and environment.

Now we comprehend that industrialization process nearly since 2 centuries to date has been managed poor and wrong.

The necessary precautions had not been taken, so that human beings are encountering today’s bad results of the poor management in economy and natural resources.

Management is one of the most important components in any business or in any activity.

The most of the difficulties, disasters we as the human have been facing increasingly stem from poor and irresponsible management.

Today’s conditions involve a holistic approach in management as well as skillfulness in order to be able to be competitive in a business life whether big or small, national or international.

As human beings encounter with some difficulties in an increasing rate across the world begin to search for the solutions.

So the solution is to require repairing, reorganizing and restructuring in the management methods, skillfulness, and talent in order to compensate and prevent the damages.

In recent decades a lot of initiative has been launched for this purpose to alleviate the troubles in the environment.

Also taking measurements are not sufficient.

With regard to enormous damage, which stems from the old economic model, urges to change the model.

In recent years new paradigm in economic model is the green economy, green management.

New paradigm in economy involves adopting the green management as sine qua non in every area of the life.

In line with environmental deterioration, the organizations both NGOs, civil society organizations and governments struggle to constitute awareness in communities.

In addition, the new condition urges to enact some new legislation, regulations and new sanctions.

Green management also foresees education that is a very crucial factor in preventing errors in every area.

The foremost names in the business world are working on major green initiatives harnessing renewable energy; this differentiates them and enhances the power of their brands in the international markets.

Green issues appeal to employees. Most people want to be part of something good and this includes being green.

Companies that have good green credentials have higher staff morale, see staff turnover and can attract and retain top talent more easily.

The biggest advantage for organizations that address green issues is an improved brand and company image.

Green initiatives can stimulate innovation. Some companies have discovered new sources of revenue.

Finally, new paradigm in the economy management is a green-based management.

Also savings in energy, water and all natural resources and abstaining from wasting and polluting resources have a remarkable importance for all creatures.

Furthermore recycling is another importance in the green economy.

From now on every investment, every business involves to be green-based, also every employee ranging top to bottom level must feature green skillfulness.

In other words green economy means to avoid from wasting as much as possible.

Educated staffs also matter to be successful in green economy.
Otherwise either personnel or manager and enterprise would not be successful and would not be competitive in the national and international markets. So remedy is to adopt green economy and to fulfill its requirements holistically.