5 Mart 2016 Cumartesi

Fourth industrial revolution


Almost every day human beings are facing with a new technological innovation.

The technological revolutions urge humankind to alter the way in terms of lifestyle, work, daily activities, etc.

As technological innovations bring easiness for daily life, at the same time it also becomes harmful to ecological systems regarding the principle of “every useful thing also brings a burden”…

Before the industrial revolution economic activities predominantly depended on agricultural sector, animal power.

Transformation from the agricultural community to an industrial one started from 1760 to 1820 – 1840, according to the source.

This transition marks from hand production methods to machines, new chemical manufacturing and iron production processes.

Textiles accepted the dominant sector of the industrial revolution in terms of employment, value of output and capital invested.

In the course of time the advancements have been recorded via R & D studies in every area of the manufacturing branches.

In front of new technological developments,the industrial revolutions have been classified according to its technological functionality and superiorities.

In this context, the first industrial revolution used water and steam power to mechanize production,so that muscle could be replaced by machines.

The second one used electric power to generate mass production and a cluster of inventions from the late 19th century onwards – including the internal combustion engine, the aeroplane and moving pictures.

The third one used electronics and information technology to automate production beginning in the 1960s based on digital technology, personal computing and the development of the internet.

Currently, human beings are experiencing fourth industrial revolution which is characterized by a range of new technologies in terms of a fresh wave of innovation in areas such as driverless cars, smart robotics, materials that are lighter and tougher, and a manufacturing process built around 3D printing.

In this period of the industrial revolution human beings will experience more comfortable life.

As for benefit and advantages of the last industrial revolution are listed like this;

Not only production machines and airplane engines, but also all domestic applianceswill be able to talk and tell us things ranging from washing machines to televisions to toothbrushes, the thermostat and the car.

Maybe everything which is necessary for daily life will have connected functionality for exampleconnected cars, tires, etc. Toothbrush will remind “I have not been used this morningwhen someone has forgotten to brush his teeth.

This espresso machine has made 500 cups of coffee, but has never been cleaned.

Tires will remind, “10% more pressure in the tires, this car could save 5% on fuel costs,” and so on.

The fourth industrial revolution is also regarded might raise global income levels and improve the quality of life for populations around the world.

In conclusion, will it be enough such a huge technological innovations which have been offered for the service of human beings?

As long as the technological researches and developments, competitiveness in the global markets continue, human being might see new ones…