18 Aralık 2014 Perşembe

The most merciless action: Terrorism


Terror maintains its rampant actions across the world.

One of the most merciless terror attacks was again experienced at a school in Pakistan.

Five or six militants disguising themselves through security uniforms shot dead defenseless students at a school in Pakistan. Nearly 140 people were killed majority of them children.

When we turn back to look at short past of terrorism, these inhumane attacks since the beginning of the year 2000 gradually expand in the Islamic countries.

Terrorist attacks began to spread especially in last decade.

Growth of the terror year by year marks emerging of new state type in the world, the state of terror. The drastic side of these states without any business and economic activities raise a significant question, how can terrorist organization manage them without having any source of income?

In this case, they should have a financer.

The carnage which was experienced in Pakistan is not first and may not be last.

As long as international community and related organizations maintain their insensible approach, the merciless terrorist organizations would also maintain its heinous attacks.

As for another remarkable condition is Islamic countries’ attitude to this chronical event.

Especially, rich Islamic countries maintain their silent stance to these barbaric challenges such as terror, strife and uprising events experienced in Islamic countries.

If Islamic countries want to find a solution, they can constitute a joint committee to solve this heinous event.

Otherwise terrorist actions are increasingly wrapping up the Islamic countries like a carcinogen tumor.

Also international community must take a decisive decision against this foremost humanitarian issue.

As long as racism, ethnicity and sectarian factors are kept in the front plan and as long as the related countries remain indifferent in finding solution, barbarism might maintain their destruction effects.

Finally, as long as Islamic countries do not take a comprehensive joint behavior against terrorism and unless they state this joint behavior in the UNSC and other international organizations and platforms; inhumane attacks of terror organizations will maintain barbarism, atrocities, massacres.