11 Aralık 2014 Perşembe

Only shedding crocodile tears


The torture - which was subjected to detainees during the interrogation about 9/11 attacks in the US – has been released. The Senate Select Committee on intelligence study acknowledges that the Agency made mistakes.

“It is commented that instead of torture the CIA preferred “enhanced interrogation techniques”.  

Some of the tortures which were implemented on detainees are listed as rectal feeding and rehydration, confinement in a box, use of cold water, waterboarding, beating and threats.

Even being late, a fact has been accepted with this report that the intelligence made mistakes, therefore a legal case has also been released in the favor of the detainees that they would demand  a legal compensation regarding being subjected to unjust torture.   
Following 9/11 attacks, many innocent people have been subjected to the inhumane interrogations. This is the first step of the excessive interrogation implementations.
The most remarkable live examples are carried out in Syria, Egypt, Myanmar and in Iraq.

As known following 9/11 the coalition forces invaded Iraq in order to liberalize Iraqi people, to bring democracy and human rights. The result was disappointment for Iraqi people. Since then there is no real democracy, no peace every day tens of people have been killed by car bombs. Since 2003, thousands of people lost their life, thousands of people left as disable. Now the global public opinion waits explanation about tortures which were implemented in the jails of Iraq…

In Syria, the innocent people have been subjected to tortures for four years. These grisliest events have been also reported by the UN. In Egypt, in the eye of the international community first democratic elected president was deposed. Thousands of innocent Egyptian people, who opposed to unjust deposing of first democratically elected president Morsi, were killed by snipers.

In Myanmar, Muslim society has been deported from their own territories. Nether the UN nor international community and other humanitarian organizations can exert any effort to stop the inhumane and unjust implementations.

Everybody knows torture is wrong. The important thing is to show genuine sensitivity to these kinds of inhumane events. Now time is to take necessary steps to prevent these inhumane implementations in Egypt, Syria, and in other regions of the world and Palestinian people. Well it is said that “torture is wrong”, of course it is wrong. Voice is not enough it also requires action to prevent torture; otherwise the reactions would remain as crocodile tears