17 Haziran 2011 Cuma

Approval for a third consecutive term

Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan's AK Party won 50 percent of votes in general elections and this landslide result led to comments about Mr. Erdogan's hat-trick due to Turkey's ruling Justice and Development (AK) party gaining a third consecutive term.
Getting almost 50% support in parliamentary vote, and 326 seats in the 550-member parliament, Ak Party expanded its vote share from its 2007 poll win by more than three points.
When we analysis the reasons that made Mr. Erdogan successful we must look at his operations since the first term to date.
Ak Party and its leader Mr. Erdogan is indebted his victory implementing genuine policies during the last 8.5 years. There are various reasons in making hat trick of Ak Party in the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Up to a decade ago, the country experienced crisis with high-level inflation and interest rates and a frail currency.
After economic crisis experienced in February 2001 Turkey's economy had become very fragile, there was almost no confidence to attract foreign investors, too. That weak situation in the economy urged that time's coalition government made a decision to go to the snap election. It was November 3, 2002 when the snap election held. At the dawn of 4 November there was a new sunrise above the Turkey's horizons. The positive effects of the new era began to be seen in the markets. Since 2002 election to date the country experiences stability and ruling party has brought confidence for both domestic and foreign investors.
Since the first day, normalization and change process had begun in the every area in the country ranging from economy to democracy, rule of law. From that time Turkey has not caused the investors to escape, business places were not closing, opposite of those, in an increasing way the foreign direct investments have flowed into Turkey. Also Turkish investors have expanded their investments in a stabile way. Turkey's economy began to see positive developments since that time. Winds of change began to blow almost in every area.
Per capita income rose during Mr. Erdogan's ruling period. Huge investments have been carried out. The country has been enjoying a transformation in many areas. Shortly these productive implementations enabled Ak Party winning the third consecutive term.
Despite the global economic crisis which has been experienced across the world between 2008-2009, Turkey's economy did not see any crucial shake compared to the other European countries and thanks to the robust economic structure of the country the crisis was easily overcome in the shortest time.
Another important thing in the success of the ruling party is that Mr. Erdogan keeps his promises to his voters and he promised what he can be able to fulfill. So what he made in the past means a guarantee of the things to be made in the future.
Now third term has begun for the ruling party, in this period there are also significant projects some of them are being implemented, some of them will be launched and to be completed by order of them up to 2023, the centenary of the Turkish Republic.
In this term, in addition to the economic investments there are also reforms in constitution which has been waiting amendment for long years. All parts in Turkey accept the need to modernize the constitution, which was written three decades ago following a military coup.
Despite Ak Party increased its number of vote, it cannot get enough seats to amend the constitution by itself, because it requires two-third of majority of the total seats in the parliament. Mr. Erdogan says he would look for consensus with a wide participation representing all parts of the society.
If the Turkish people see the concrete steps in the promises and solutions in the unsolved problems, will give vise to Mr. Erdogan for the fourth consecutive term.