14 Mayıs 2011 Cumartesi

First step should be taken by LDCs (Part 2)

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At the meeting in Istanbul, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has urged the leaders of the world's poorest countries to agree on a common position and sent a strong political message to the rest of the world on the importance of investing in the least developed countries to eradicate global poverty.

Mr. Ban called for the building of productive capacity and the expanding of opportunities for decent employment for men and women in LDCs.

It means expanding the provision of essential services - education, health, infrastructure and social safety nets, especially for nutrition security.
After this LDCs will try to attract investors to their countires Of course, to make investment is important which will play a remarkable role to eradicate their main problems, but the situation is also important to fulfill this. The UN should also urge to set up a suitable situation and democracy to enable those countries to develop and to reach a peaceful condition, as well as a livable humanitarian condition.

The main point that is advocated the developed countries to support the least-developed countries both politically and economically to make a fairer and more livable world.

Now the meeting in Istanbul, where continents and cultures connect and converge, is seen a new fortune to be remedy for the LDCs. Istanbul is also seen to build a strong bridge to enable the least fortunate and most vulnerable members of these countries to cross to the land of prosperity and security.