4 Ağustos 2010 Çarşamba

An example city of South-Eastern: Gaziantep

Gaziantep is one of the most modern industrial provinces of South-Eastern Anatolian Region. Being the center of pistachio nut cultivation in Turkey and with its extensive olive groves and vineyards, nowadays Gaziantep is known one of the most important and industrial centers of Turkey.

Gaziantep is maintaining its efforts for being the most developed and leading city of GAP in agriculture, industry and commerce. In its promotion page is written than the city is famous with its pistachio which is identical by the name of the city in addition to vineyards and olive orchards.

But Gaziantep has exceeded the stage of being only an agricultural city. Having completed its industrialist stage long time ago, the city is harnessing in the international arena.

Entrepreneurship spirit of the businessmen in Gaziantep has progressed and they have converted their knowledge and information accumulation in agricultural area into industrial areas ranging from cement, textile, leather, shoemaking, soap, woodworks, metal and machinery industries.

It maintains its status as an "export gate" by its 120 different products exporting to many countries. Thanks to its own status, Gaziantep constitutes a meaningful and exemplary position for the other cities in the South-Eastern Anatolian Region of Turkey. It is understood that the city of Gaziantep had not spent its time and values for the useless and meaningless things. Acting reasonably and wisely, the city has emerged its beneficial and advantageous values to the forefront.

The citizens and entrepreneurs of the city had not mulled over futile things. They had struggled to be a developed city for both in favor of its citizens and country. It had achieved being a good example in many business branches by using its positive energy for the favorable and useful things. Its people, citizens and entrepreneurs had not only relaxed waiting everything to be made by the state and government, working too much in order to rise its prosperity and standard of life not only for themselves but also for its region and country, for development and peace.

At the beginning of 2010, while exporting only to 158 countries, the Southeastern Anatolia Exporters' Associations (GAIB) raised this number to 172 in the first half of the year. GAIB also raised its export rate 27.6 percent in the first half of 2010 and earned $2.2 billion due to its exports. By leading way, the city of Gaziantep accomplished 71.7 percent of these overall exports in the region in H1 of 2010.

Having devoted itself to the service and development for its city and region, Gaziantep had purified itself from the obsessive and meaningless ideas. Therefore, as the brightening and heightening star not only in its region but also in the country, Gaziantep is raising its trade bar furthermore on behalf of development, wellbeing and peace for its people and region without spending its time for nothing.

Gaziantep is an example city for its neighbors in many aspects.

It has not conditioned itself to the things which have no benefits rather than losing many years for noting. When it looks by turning back it will see that it cannot find any disloyalty neither to its region nor to its country.

Gaziantep has been displaying a significant stance for its neighboring cities in the aspect of patriotism, unity and solidarity by letting its positive dynamics into action. It must be to congratulate all the citizens and entrepreneurs of Gaziantep province due to its excellent example approach.

We wish the industrialists and entrepreneurs in Gaziantep to guide its neighbor cities in the region, to train how to develop and how to be beneficial to their people and how to build comfort and peace on behalf of the region and the country.

Written by İbrahim E. Küpeli